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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Houston

There are 99,225 property crimes annually in Houston. When it comes to your business, you need to eliminate the potential for losses due to property damage or theft. To keep your assets secure, you need to invest in a modern and sophisticated Houston office security system. Houston commercial security system installers recommend converging the following modern and future-proof technology options to secure your business:

  • Access control
    Preventing unauthorized access to commercial buildings in Houston that house sensitive data and valuable assets is essential. Cloud-based access control has integration potential and makes an excellent foundation for a unified building security system. You can implement mobile access credentials to speed up the traffic at entry points in your building, and users will be offered more convenient, hygienic access. The Avigilon Alta patented Triple Unlock technology uses cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi communication to ensure the door is unlocked only to authorized guests or employees in just one attempt.

  • Smart surveillance
    Video security cameras work to provide evidence after a crime has occurred and can also be used as a deterrent for criminals. A certified Houston commercial security camera installer will recommend integrating your business surveillance system with your other security components so that all information is visible on one interface. A security camera installer for business will recommend the latest Avigilon Alta access control technology as it integrates seamlessly with larger video security platforms via cloud or ONVIF to offer efficient risk mitigation, greater visibility and powerful, real-time analytics.

  • Smart locks
    Door locks can be installed throughout your building to ensure that certain areas are restricted. This can help prevent the risk of an internal security incident. If you choose to install smart commercial door locks you can operate them remotely using a cloud-based control center or mobile application for more swift building security operations.

  • Sensors
    It is essential to provide a security system that protects the safety of occupants. You can install sensors in your commercial building that provide gunshot detection and occupancy management. The notifications and alerts from your sensors can ensure your security team responds quickly to security incidents in your building.

  • Alarms
    Your Houston commercial security system needs to be equipped with an alarm system to meet current rules and regulations. All our recommended business security system integrators and installers will be well-versed on local compliance standards. With a sophisticated alarm system, you can ensure your facility is equipped with an effective emergency response plan. Your alarm system can be installed by a Houston commercial alarm system installation professional and integrated with other features in your security system to allow for swift lockdown procedures.

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The right Houston commercial CCTV and alarm system for your building

When you establish a fully integrated physical security system, you can ensure the operation of all security features is user-friendly and straightforward. Avigilon is a manufacturer of popular cloud-based access control products and based in the US. We offer a range of access control solutions for office security systems to help Houston businesses build a blended commercial security system.

Office security system installers in Houston prefer compatible access control solutions with open API standards, so Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, has been a top choice for a number of businesses in Downtown Houston, Midtown, Montrose, Second Ward, West University Place, and many other areas in Houston.

The voice recognition, built-in video, and touchless entry offered by the Avigilon Pro Series Video Intercom Reader allow business leaders in Houston to access a range of top-tier security functions from just one device. With a commercial grade intercom with cloud-based security camera capabilities, you can see who is entering or exiting at a door. The touchless Wave to Unlock feature of Avigilon door readers enables any credentialed person to unlock the door easily, plus managers or admins are able to easily adjust permissions and track access activity remotely in the cloud-based dashboard.

Avigilon products are recommended by Houston access control installers, business security camera installers, and commercial security alarm installers. We partner with a trusted network of certified installers that have experience working with various buildings and budget limitations, whether you need to upgrade the security system in your existing Houston building, or install a new security system in a new location.

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