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Getting the right security systems installed is crucial for Dublin businesses. In the first two months of 2022, burglaries increased by 23 percent and robbery from businesses was up by 20 percent compared to the same period in 2021, according to a report in the Irish Times. If you want to install a new system or upgrade your existing security, a local Dublin commercial security system installer can help you identify the components you need and carry out the work quickly and efficiently. Leading business security system installation professionals recommend the following components:

  • Video surveillance cameras
    A network of video cameras installed in key positions around your property gives your security staff an up-to-date picture of any unusual activities or incidents. With the latest video camera management software recommended by a local business security camera installer, security teams can monitor your property remotely, increasing operational flexibility. The cameras also give you an accurate record of incidents for analysis, audit, or evidence. A commercial security camera installer in Dublin can help you identify the most important locations for cameras and install them with minimum disruption.

  • Access control
    How secure are your entrances and doors to restricted areas? An access control system with the right combination of controllers, door readers, and credentials will keep out intruders and give authorized visitors convenient access. Dublin commercial or office security system installers can assess your access control needs and recommend solutions that will give you maximum protection without sacrificing convenience. 

  • Emergency systems and alarms
    You need reliable fire and smoke alarms, emergency systems and intruder alarms to protect your property and your people. Professional Dublin commercial security alarm installers can inspect your systems and recommend any suitable upgrades. Dublin commercial building alarm system installation experts will also ensure that your alarms comply with local, county and national regulations. 

  • Office door locks
    Traditional door locks can prove to be a weak point in your security system, so it pays to upgrade to the latest electric door locks and wireless smart locks. You’ll find they are stronger and offer greater reliability and security. As an added bonus, many of them can be operated remotely so that your security staff don’t have to be on site all the time. Dublin business and office security system installation experts can check your locks and recommend the most suitable replacements.

  • Sensors and notifications
    To maximize protection, your local Dublin business security installer can also recommend sensors that will allow your security staff to monitor occupancy and detect vulnerabilities such as open doors or broken glass.

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Choosing the best Dublin business CCTV security and alarm system

Dublin is home to a diverse range of businesses, including technology, financial services, professional services, logistics, life sciences, arts, and recreation. Dublin security system installers are familiar with the needs of businesses in the city and can help you select the best physical security solution for your property.

All of those components are important, but they provide the most effective protection when they work as a complete, single system. To ensure that all the components can be integrated into a holistic solution, security system and access control installers in Dublin recommend Avigilon access control systems as the core element. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, solutions are designed and built to open standards, which makes it easy for installers to integrate other components, such as IP CCTV cameras, sensors and alarms with products like Avigilon’s Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro.

Avigilon is a US-based mobile and cloud-based access control manufacturer supporting customers with high-quality installation and service in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

Avigilon partners with a network of local certified commercial security system installers and commercial camera systems installers for business throughout the city, including Eastpoint, Grange Castle Business Park, College Park, Central Park, Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Park West, and Dublin Airport Business Park. These professionals can help you identify the most suitable systems for your business, and recommend, install, and integrate the best solution for maximum performance and security.

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