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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Dubai

Home to over 70,000 rental units and almost 10,000 commercial properties, Dubai continues to represent an attractive market for business owners. However, with tourism levels rising by over 19% per year, many properties may need to be adapted to best address modern needs.

Avigilon, an industry-leading physical security company, partners with a vast network of experienced commercial security system installers in Dubai, helping local business owners protect their properties from modern threats. With access to our end-to-end physical security ecosystem, Dubai security integrators aid local businesses develop bespoke solutions. 

From mobile access control systems enabling property owners to create temporary credentials for visitors to AI-informed security camera installations, certified commercial security system installers in Dubai will walk your teams through the benefits of modern security technologies.

Our partnered security system integrators in Dubai help teams best utilise the following tools:

  • Smart access solutions — Choose from multiple credential types for convenient and secure property access, including PIN, key card, mobile and biometric readers, Dubai commercial security system experts can help you set up time-based credentials for temporary guests and manage access systems remotely via any secure smart device.

  • Automated CCTV systems — Experienced commercial CCTV installers in Dubai will assess your property to identify prime locations for camera units, improve situational awareness and threat detection capabilities with support from smart video analytics software and view live footage remotely via an integrated cloud management system.

  • Real-time sensors and alarms — Strengthen existing office security systems with integrated sensors and alarms, connect access control, CCTV cameras and building management systems to specialised smart sensors, enabling live alerts warning of suspicious activity and automated responses to threats like break-ins and vandalism.

  • Intuitive management tools — View, analyse and adjust business security system installations at any time by connecting active devices to a unified cloud-based portal, installers will show you how to create custom responses to common threats and adjust installed devices remotely for 24 / 7 property protection.

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The top commercial security system and CCTV installation for Dubai businesses

With Dubai welcoming over 17 million visitors during 2023, and the city containing around 9 million square metres of commercial business space, efforts to modernise existing security systems may be a top priority for many property owners. To safely strengthen office security system installations, it’s important to work alongside experienced local security professionals.

Avigilon partners with a vast network of highly-qualified UAE commercial security camera installers, security system integrators and security alarm installers in Dubai to ensure all installations are optimised to reliably deter criminality and common local threats. 

Your local Dubai commercial security system installation team will review existing solutions to recommend appropriate upgrades based on your specific requirements and any potential issues unique to your immediate location. Custom commercial security alarm installations, CCTV camera systems and access solutions may then be developed to protect your assets.

Avigilon’s end-to-end security ecosystem has been specially designed to ensure integration between key systems is intuitive and effective. By combining access control, CCTV, alarm and building management systems into one secure platform, business owners gain a more holistic view of their properties. As a result, they are able to better identify and address potential threats.

By choosing to work with Avigilon’s network of experienced Dubai security integrators and commercial CCTV system installers in the UAE, clients gain access to the following benefits:

  • Local knowledge — Avigilon’s partnered commercial security system installers have extensive experience developing custom security installations for businesses in the UAE, ensuring resulting solutions are appropriately adapted to meet local demands.

  • Comprehensive support — Components within your Dubai business security system will receive frequent software updates to ensure devices remain protected from novel cyber threats, with 24/7 support from Avigilon’s award-winning customer care team.

  • Simple scalability — Avigilon’s security ecosystem enables devices installed across multiple locations to be connected to a single management platform, offering property owners the flexibility to scale active security systems in line with changing demands.

For Dubai business owners looking to future-proof existing security systems, contact your local Avigilon-affiliated commercial security system installer today.

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