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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Columbus

An efficient commercial security system is essential in the City of Columbus where violent crime was at an all time high at the end of 2021. If you’re planning to upgrade your existing security system or install new components, a local Columbus commercial security system installation expert can provide advice on the technologies and systems that will help maximize security. The most effective business security systems incorporate these essential components:

  • Video surveillance systems
    A network of commercial security cameras in high-risk or high-traffic areas can give your security team the situational awareness they need to identify incidents in real time and respond quickly. A local Columbus commercial security camera installer or security camera installer for business can help you plan the most suitable locations. Business security camera installers can also recommend video surveillance systems that are accurate and reliable with features that support remote or mobile monitoring and management.

  • Access control
    An access control system is central to any business security solution. It should ensure no intruders can enter the building while allowing convenient access for employees and authorized visitors. A professional Columbus commercial security system installer can assess the entrances and high-risk areas where access control is needed, and recommend the combination of door readers, controllers, and credentials that maximize security while maintaining convenience.

  • Commercial security alarm installation
    A commercial security alarm installer will tell you that a comprehensive network of fire, intrusion detection, emergency alarms, and alarm monitoring systems is essential to protect your property and your people. The systems must be robust and reliable and they must also comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Local Columbus security alarm system installers are familiar with the regulations and will ensure that your existing systems and any new components they install are fully compliant.

  • Door locks
    Traditional door locks do not provide the security, convenience, and flexibility of the latest commercial office security systems, including commercial electric door locks and wireless smart locks. A Columbus office security system installer can recommend the most suitable locks for doors with different security requirements.

  • Sensors and notifications
    To monitor occupancy levels and respond effectively to risks such as broken glass, or doors left ajar or forced open, you need a network of sensors that incorporate physical security with real-time notifications. A professional business security installer based in Columbus can recommend systems that ensure your security team is fully aware of any incidents the moment they occur.

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Choosing the best Columbus business CCTV security and alarm system

The City of Columbus is home to a diverse range of business, including finance and insurance, advanced manufacturing, health, education, and logistics. Professional Columbus commercial security system installers are aware of the risks facing local businesses and can recommend the most effective office security system installation for your property.

Business security system installers in Columbus recommend security solutions that incorporate all of those components. A single holistic solution will ensure there are no gaps or vulnerabilities in your security posture.

To ensure that all the essential components can work together, leading Columbus commercial security system installers recommend Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, access control systems as a core element of any solution. Avigilon Alta systems are designed and built to open standards so they can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other security and building management systems – now and into the future. The cloud and mobile-based system offers touchless entry, remote management, and built-in video for enhanced security technology and safety.

Avigilon Alta, a US-based mobile and cloud-based access control solution, has a trusted network of local certified business security system installers who can design, install, and support holistic security solutions throughout the City of Columbus. They provide high-quality service to clients in the Central Business District, Arts District, Arena District, University District, and other business areas in and around the city. You can be confident that your security solution will provide the highest level of protection when it’s installed by a Columbus business security system installer certified by Avigilon.

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