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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Chicago

Break-ins are rising in Chicago, with burglary cases in the city up 28% compared to the same time last year. Protecting your Chicago business or office with a sophisticated security system is essential. There are some great commercial security system installation options in Chicago that combine high-tech access control capabilities and seamless function. Some of the best office security system installation options include:

  • Access control
    Access control, including the use of information security technologies, is essential to secure your building from unauthorized users. Mobile credentials are revolutionizing the access control sphere. If you want future-proof technology for your Chicago office security system, you need to be looking for mobile access control. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, access control’s patented Triple Unlock technology uses Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth communication to ensure the door is unlocked with only one attempt. This ensures that traffic into and throughout your building is fluid and seamless.

  • Video security cameras
    Security cameras provide two main functions in enhancing building security: They can provide evidence after a crime occurs; and they can also help deter criminals. A Chicago commercial security camera installer can help protect your building by integrating video security cameras with your existing security features. Ensure the business security camera installer you choose is familiar with Chicago surveillance laws.

  • Door locks
    Door locks can be installed internally within your building to eliminate the risk of internal security breaches. Internal door locks can be integrated with occupancy management for better building management. Commercial door locks, wireless door locks, and smart locks can be operated remotely using a cloud-based control center or mobile app for faster response to security incidents.

  • Sensors
    You can improve security and safety within your commercial building through the use of sensors for situations like gunshot detection and occupancy tracking. Real-time notifications provided by sensors allow for swift action and response to security incidents.

  • Alarms
    Fire alarms, smoke detectors, and emergency systems are needed to create an effective emergency response plan or lockdown procedure. Alarms must be professionally installed by a Chicago commercial security alarm installer and can then be integrated with other building management tools to ensure a streamlined and effective emergency response procedure. Regulations and compliance standards dictate that professional commercial security alarm installation is necessary in Chicago.

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Modern commercial security and alarm system integrators for Chicago buildings

The security features listed above work best when combined to provide a user-friendly, robust security system. Avigilon Alta, a US manufacturer of mobile and cloud-based access control products, offers these features as part of a complete commercial security system for a blended approach to physical security.

Commercial security system installers in Chicago favor Avigilon Alta for its complete and backward compatible access control solutions and open API standards, which allow for easy integration with other security components.

The new Avigilon Pro Series Video Intercom Reader combines voice recognition, built-in video, and touchless entry to offer Chicago business owners enhanced building security. Avigilon Alta’s Touchless Wave to Unlock feature is intuitive and reliable, and office managers can easily unlock the door, adjust permissions, and track access activity remotely in the cloud-based dashboard.

Avigilon works with installation providers in business districts the Loop and Near North Side, as well as Lincoln Park, Bronzeville, and many other locations in the Chicago area. Our network of commercial security system installers have proven experience working with a wide range of buildings and budgets. They can help you install an Avigilon access control system in a new location in Chicago, or help improve and expand your existing security system with innovative, flexible and future-proof integrations.

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