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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Charlotte

Comprehensive commercial security systems are more critical than ever for North Carolina businesses. The Charlotte property crime rate is 40% higher than the national average. To protect your business assets and employees, you will need to invest in the best security technologies that work together as part of a seamless and modernized system. Some of the best security components to invest in include:

  • Access control
    A Charlotte commercial security system installer will recommend access control as the foundation of your building’s security system. Mobile access control enhances convenience while keeping facilities secure from unauthorized persons. Mobile access control uses Bluetooth and mobile credentials to ensure swift and uninhibited access for users. Speak to your Charlotte business security system installation expert and inquire about touchless access options for your building.

  • Surveillance cameras
    When installing a security system in your building, you need to enlist the assistance of a Charlotte security camera installer for business. The installer will be able to advise you on the optimal security camera placement to maximize visibility. Security cameras can be instrumental in an investigation should a crime occur at your business, and security cameras also work to deter criminals from your property. Ask your Charlotte business security camera installer about the benefits of including security cameras in your building security strategy.

  • Alarm systems
    Alarm systems aren’t just a valuable addition to your security strategy, they are a necessity. The alarm systems in your building must be compliant with current regulations and standards. Speak to a local Charlotte commercial alarm system installer to determine if your system is in line with current codes. Alarm systems can help to ensure building occupants’ safety by providing glass break detection, gunshot detection, and smoke detection. By pairing your alarm system with cloud-based and remotely operated security installations, you can ensure a swift and effective response to security events in your building. Contact a Charlotte commercial alarm system installation expert and enquire about the benefits of integrating alarm systems with cloud-based technologies.

  • Integrations
    Integrations can help you enhance the functionality of your Charlotte office security system. A Charlotte office security system installer will be able to advise you on which integrations would be most valuable in your building. From hardware integrations with door sensors, to software integrations for time tracking, occupancy management, and visitor management, a security system integrator for Charlotte businesses can automate and streamline HR and security functions. A Charlotte office security system installation expert will assist in deploying systems that have the ability to work holistically.

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Choosing the best Charlotte business CCTV security and alarm system

The security components listed above operate at their best when part of a fully-integrated holistic system. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, is a US-based access control manufacturer that places convenience and accessibility at the forefront. Charlotte business security system installers favor Avigilon Alta as they have open API standards that facilitate easy integration.

Avigilon Alta’s access control is cloud-based and uses touchless mobile credentials to maximize convenience and reduce expenses caused by keycard and fob replacement. To ensure traffic runs through your building swiftly, Avigilon Alta’s access control has patented Triple Unlock technology that ensures first-time entry using W‑iFi, Bluetooth, and cellular communication. The Avigilon video and intercom readers integrate access control with built-in camera surveillance to provide straightforward identity verification. With voice recognition, high-definition video, touchless access, and ONVIF-compliant and backward compatible platforms, Avigilon Alta products are the foundation to a blended approach to physical security. Speak to your Charlotte commercial security camera installer about the benefits of multi-technology Smart Readers and Pro Series Video Readers.

Avigilon partners with a wide range of Charlotte business security system installers to ensure our products are accessible in Ballantyne, Plaza-Midwood, Uptown, South End, South Park, and many other areas in Charlotte. Whether you’re looking to install a security system in your new location or to upgrade your existing system, our Charlotte commercial security system installation experts can help you to establish a modern and sophisticated system.

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