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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Charleston

Security is a crucial investment for Charleston, South Carolina businesses, as Charleston’s crime rate exceeds the national average. Every organization should consider physical security planning as an integral factor in growth potential. After all, data, assets, and valuable employees are all housed in commercial buildings. As part of a robust Charleston commercial security plan, you need to consider a variety of components:

  • Alarms and sensors
    A commercial security alarm installation expert will explain the safety regulations and standards that your Charleston, South Carolina commercial building must comply with to ensure employee safety. Alarms and sensors assist in notifying system administrators and security staff when the systems detect broken glass, gunshots, and smoke. Door sensors can also alert Charleston businesses if an entry is forced open, or left ajar. Effective detection means a faster response in emergencies. Consider reaching out to a Charleston commercial security alarm installer to inquire about your options.

  • Door locks
    While external door locks are key to keeping properties secure, internal door locks are equally important in reducing the potential for security breaches. With smart door locks placed throughout your building, you can ensure that added security does not come at the expense of convenience. Contact a Charleston office security system installation expert to find the right door locks for your commercial building.

  • Convenient touchless access control
    Access control is a staple in any Charleston business security system. Touchless access control uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular communication to ensure that users gain access quickly and conveniently, often simply with a wave of their hand. Restricting access to your facility ensures that your servers, data, and people are protected. An experienced Charleston business security system installer can explain how to integrate access control with other security components for a holistic approach to building security.

  • Video intercom systems
    A Charleston commercial security camera installer for business can help you establish a system that deters crime and provides evidence if a crime should occur in your office space. Through installing a video intercom system, you can pair access control with video surveillance technology, which allows for visual identity verification and two-way audio communication with anyone entering the premises. Your Charleston business security camera installer can help you establish video intercom systems paired with access control in your commercial building.

  • Integrations
    By investing in a cloud-based Charleston office security system, you can access many integrations that assist with daily HR and administrative operations. Health and wellness software, occupancy management software, video management software, and many other integrations can help you to maximize the return on your security investments. A Charleston office security system installer can advise you on the best integrations for your system.

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Modern commercial security and alarm system integrators for Charleston buildings

Charleston is home to vibrant aerospace, energy, automotive, IT, life sciences, and defense industries. Expanding your business intelligence means investing in security technologies that meet the demands of the current security climate. Speak with a Charleston commercial security system installation expert to understand the vulnerabilities of your current system and devise a security strategy equipped to meet modern security demands.

With Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, our cloud-based security components are tailored to work together as part of a cohesive, cloud-based system. Convenience is of the highest importance with Avigilon Alta so that you can operate all of our security installations remotely, plus receive real-time updates on security data and events using the cloud-based Control Center or mobile application.

The Avigilon Pro Series Video Intercom Reader has built-in voice recognition, touchless access technology, and a high-definition video feed for a blended approach to access control. Your security staff will be able to verify the identity of employees, visitors, and contractors remotely using a mobile application. A Charleston security camera installer will advise you on the optimal placement of your device to maximize visibility and ensure compliant access.

Avigilon has a large network of certified Charleston business security system installation experts in Awendaw, Daniel Island, Downtown Charleston, Edisto Beach, and more. To provide you with easy access to Avigilon products, we partner with trusted Charleston commercial security system installers. We can help you to upgrade your current security system in Charleston, or if you’re looking to establish a security system in a new location.

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