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Expert commercial CCTV and security system installers in Cape Town

While crime rates in Cape Town have recently decreased, around 14,000 serious criminal incidents are reported each year. For business owners to avoid the repercussions of physical crimes like burglary and vandalism, smart security solutions should be considered. 

If you haven’t audited your commercial security system recently or believe your installation isn’t keeping up with changing business needs, Avigilon’s experts can help.

Avigilon works with a large network of professional commercial security system installation teams in South Africa to ensure local businesses are well protected from common threats. Your local security integrator will assess your existing office security system in Cape Town and help you utilise future-proof upgrades and smart solutions to deter criminal activity.

Our end-to-end physical security ecosystem combines access control, video security, threat detection and alarm systems into one intuitive security solution. A commercial or business security system installer will work with you to identify potential security gaps in existing installations, recommending fitting solutions to suit your needs and budget.

By choosing to work with a local commercial surveillance system installation team or our network of Cape Town business security system installers, local employers benefit from the following:

  • Bespoke access solutions - Avigilon can connect you with office security system installers to bring you our cutting-edge cloud-based access. A commercial security system installation contractor can show you how to view and manage live access systems remotely from any secure smart device, with options for multiple credential types suited to different locations.

  • Smart CCTV installations - Our network of commercial CCTV system installers in Cape Town can walk you through the benefits of modern, AI-powered video surveillance. Smart cameras installed in key locations can be integrated into a cloud-based management system, enabling you to view footage in real-time and offer 24/7 incident responses. A commercial CCTV installer can also set up AI video analytics tools with software designed to detect threats and alert your team remotely autonomously.

  • Adaptive building management - A security system integrator for Cape Town businesses can help you combine security and building management systems into one user-friendly solution. Commercial security alarm installers can install smart occupancy, motion, sound and similar environmental sensors used as triggers for wider devices, allowing for automated management functionality. 

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Reliable commercial security cameras and systems for your Cape Town building or office

With commercial property investment in Cape Town exceeding R3.5 billion in 2022, many employers will be looking to strengthen and modernise existing business security systems. 

To ensure your property is protected from common threats, it’s important to find qualified commercial surveillance installers and security integration specialists with extensive knowledge of your local area. Every Avigilon partner has hands-on experience developing security installations for commercial entities in Cape Town.

Whether you need a Cape Town business security camera installer to help you design a more proactive video surveillance installation or a commercial security alarm installer in Cape Town to assist you in streamlining your threat detection solutions, Avigilon can help.

Your Cape Town security camera installer for business clients understands the unique issues faced by commercial enterprises and will recommend scalable solutions to suit your specific business needs and budgetary requirements. All clients receive comprehensive support from our 24/7 customer helpline, ensuring no pressing questions or requests go unanswered.

If you’re looking for a certified business security system or security camera installer in Cape Town to help you design future-proof security technology, allow Avigilon to help you get started.

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