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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Canberra

As Australia’s largest inland city, Canberra is desirable for small and large business owners, with almost 34,000 private sector businesses accounting for nearly two-thirds of the area’s jobs. Although Canberra is considered one of Australia’s safer cities, property crime rates are slightly higher than the national average. If you’re a local business owner looking to strengthen your physical security measures, Avigilon can help.

Our network of commercial security system installers have full access to the latest Avigilon smart security technologies, helping you develop a future-proof business security system designed to protect your property, employees and assets from local threats.

Avigilon’s nearest partners will consult with your teams to design and implement a bespoke business security system installation. 

Avigilon’s end-to-end security ecosystem combines access control, CCTV, threat detection and wider building management systems into one easily navigated office security system supported by advanced cloud-based technologies and open API architecture. A local Avigilon security integrator business will review your site to locate gaps in existing systems, allowing for intelligent upgrades to be applied to your office security system installation. 

If your business requires the expertise of a security professional, whether that’s to install a security camera, commercial building security systems, or even set-up a full-scale business security solution to help defend you against local threats, our team of certified professionals is ready to help.

Working with an Avigilon security system integrator for Canberra businesses allows for: 

  • Simplified management — Avigilon’s local partners will walk you through the setup of your office security system and operation of remote-access security systems. Using cloud-based technology, Avigilon Alta access readers, Avigilon AVA security cameras and additional threat detection devices can be connected as part of a cloud security management system. Additionally, these commercial CCTV installers will show you how to view, edit and adjust active devices remotely from any secure smart device.

  • Smart integrations — Avigilon’s network of installers for commercial surveillance systems will help you develop smart integrations with new and existing security devices. Link access readers to cameras to ensure suspicious access events are flagged, connect environmental sensors to HVAC systems to reduce energy wastage and consult your local expert about the benefits of AI threat detection.

  • Intelligent automation — Your local Avigilon commercial video surveillance installer has access to our latest AI analytics software, enabling you to develop cutting-edge security solutions. AI tools can autonomously detect suspicious actions, such as crowds forming in unusual locations, suspicious vehicles, or movement in secure areas, with options to automatically trigger connected devices in response to threats.

  • Bespoke solutions — Avigilon aids in designing unique property defenses and alarm installations with secure open API architecture support. Your local commercial security camera installer will show you how easily Avigilon tools can be linked to both native and leading 3rd party security devices, with end-to-end encryption applied to all communications to ensure sensitive data remains secure.

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The top commercial security system and CCTV installation for Canberra businesses

To ensure your business is reliably protected from both general and localised criminality, it’s essential that you choose an experienced security camera installer for business clients. We only work with certified security experts, each of whom receives frequent training in the latest technologies and understands the unique threats faced by Canberra businesses.

Our local Avigilon experts will assess your existing commercial security systems, ensuring all recommendations suit your needs. Our team will evaluate your property, including all active CCTV, access control and alarm systems, to identify any potential vulnerabilities that could be addressed by our best-in-class solutions. 

Whether you need a business security camera installer, a certified commercial security alarm installer or an experienced security integration specialist to help you develop a multi-site system, we’ll connect you with certified professionals in your locality.

To future-proof your commercial security system and ensure your property remains well-protected from local threats behind an end-to-end physical security ecosystem, contact your nearest Avigilon security integrator for Canberra businesses today.

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