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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Calgary

With crime rates rising in Calgary, protecting your commercial property is paramount, and security is a top consideration for any business. An effective Calgary commercial security system is instrumental in keeping your people and your assets safe. Here are some of the security components Calgary office security system installers recommend:

  • Security and safety alarms
    A commercial security alarm installer in Calgary will advise you that alarms are the cornerstone of effective evacuation and emergency procedures. Security and safety alarms are a requirement for Calgary commercial buildings; they ensure your business complies with health and safety codes and regulations. An effective alarm system will immediately detect fire, smoke, gunshots, and broken glass in your building. Reach out to a Calgary commercial security alarm installation expert who will advise you on the best systems for your commercial building.

  • Commercial door locks
    Your Calgary office security system must protect assets stored within your building. Commercial door locks work to restrict access to areas containing sensitive assets and information. Smart commercial door locks use Bluetooth communication with mobile devices to ensure convenient entry. Contact a Calgary commercial security system installer for more information on smart door locks.

  • Keyless access control
    Any Calgary business surveillance system installation expert will advise you to invest in access control to ensure your building is only accessible to authorized users. Keyless access control enhances the convenience of your system by replacing keycards and fobs with mobile credentials that act as digital access keys for your system. Consider implementing keyless access control in your Calgary business security system.

  • Security cameras
    Security cameras are an extremely valuable component in a commercial security system, and by contacting a Calgary security camera installer for business, you will be able to get insight and advice on optimal camera placement. Your Calgary commercial security camera installer will discuss the functions of security cameras in your overall security strategy: providing evidence if a crime occurs on-site, deterring crime on your property, and, in some cases, verifying the identity of users at your building’s entrance. Get in touch with your Calgary business security camera installer and enquire about the potential for identity verification in your commercial building.

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Modern commercial security and alarm system integrators for Calgary buildings

Calgary has the most competitive tax rates in Canada, making it a popular business center, and attracting businesses from a vast range of sectors. Every business should invest in a Calgary commercial security system installation to protect property, people, and assets. A future-proof strategy includes security system components that can work together for a holistic view of what’s happening in every location.

Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, partners with Calgary office security system installation experts who consider security components part of a blended and integrated system. As a US-based access control security component manufacturer, we partner with top-rated installation experts to make our products accessible across the globe.

Our Pro Series Video Intercom Reader demonstrates a blended and integrated approach to physical security, with voice recognition, a touchless access reader, and a high-definition video camera built into a single device. Avigilon Alta products provide a complete access experience, enabling identity verification, MFA, and authorization for all your buildings’ entrances. Plus, the entire line of cloud-based security cameras is equipped with open standards for seamless integration across your entire Calgary security system for business.

Whether you’re located in Brentwood, Varsity, Crescent Heights, Sunnyside, Dalhousie, Hillhurst, or any other area in Calgary, you can access professional installation services for Avigilon’s products. Our recommended Calgary business security system installers can expand and upgrade your existing security system, or they can help you to establish a system from scratch in your new Calgary offices.

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