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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Brisbane

Physical and cyber security are top priorities for modern businesses, and the development of a reliable commercial security system in Brisbane is becoming increasingly important. Recent government research reveals the rate at which serious crimes occur is rising in Queensland, and states that property offences have increased by almost 13% between 2021 to 2022

If your Brisbane business security system hasn’t been recently audited or updated, or if your office security system is struggling to support your changing business needs in a post-pandemic world, these issues should be addressed immediately. By contacting a professional security dealer and integrator for Brisbane businesses, employers can strengthen existing protocols and defend against modern threats.

Avigilon’s end-to-end commercial security system ensures local businesses remain protected from physical threats with fully integrated security solutions. Our network of local commercial security system installation teams will assess your property to develop customised solutions suited to your needs. Your Brisbane commercial security system installer will help you combine access control, CCTV and alarm systems to strengthen your security posture.

Avigilon works with a large network of certified security professionals in Australia, ensuring your Brisbane business or commercial building security system installation team understands local security concerns and best practices. By choosing to work with an Avigilon business security camera installer in Brisbane, or one of our office security system installation partners, employers gain access to a wide variety of industry-leading physical security technologies.

Your local Avigilon security integrator businesses can walk your team through the development and operation of smart commercial and office security systems, prioritising components such as:

  • Security cameras: Visibility is key to an effective business security system. A specialized commercial security camera installer in Brisbane can help you utilise our smart business security camera systems, including high-resolution PTZs, IP and AI-powered camera hardware. Your Brisbane commercial CCTV installer will review your property to ensure the right cameras are installed in the right places, while your local Brisbane commercial security alarm installation team can connect CCTV networks to wider sensors and warning systems, helping you program automated alerts and responses.

  • Access control devices: Access to your offices must be limited only to authorised personnel. Our Brisbane office security system installation teams will help you set up customised access systems designed with your property in mind. Avigilon Alta systems utilise cloud technology, enabling teams to view and manage active devices remotely, with end-to-end encryption to protect your data from cyber attacks.

  • Intrusion detection tools: Your local office security system installer can help your teams benefit from our integrated security ecosystem. CCTV cameras can be integrated to access readers and alarms, with AI video analytics used to identify suspicious behaviours and engage wider physical security devices. Your Brisbane business security system installer will show you how to connect these systems and configure custom threat detection programs, with cloud-based security management enabling staff to view, edit and adjust devices remotely from any secure smartphone.

  • Sensors and alarms: Avigilon’s secure cloud-based systems can be integrated to specialised sensors and alarms, ensuring threats are detected immediately. A Brisbane commercial security alarm installer can set up smart smoke detectors, fire sensors and occupancy monitoring devices, integrating these solutions into a wider cloud management system to offer a more holistic view of your business’ security. 

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The right Brisbane commercial CCTV and alarm system for your building

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your security system or wish to develop new solutions, it’s important to find professionals who understand local threats. By working with Avigilon’s network of commercial video surveillance installers in Brisbane or one of our business security system installation teams, employers gain access to certified experts professionally trained in the development and implementation of Avigilon’s advanced security system.

Your Brisbane security camera installer for business clients understands the unique needs of commercial enterprises, including the importance of scalability and real-time threat detection. Seeking guidance from an Avigilon commercial CCTV system installer helps you develop customised systems that can be easily managed and adapted as your business grows.

If you need a qualified commercial CCTV camera installer or advice from an experienced integration team for Brisbane businesses, Avigilon’s local experts can assist.

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