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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Baltimore

Securing your property is essential in Baltimore, which has one of the highest crime rates in the US. To protect your property and your people, it’s important to have a commercial security system that features the most effective technology. Leading Baltimore business security system installers recommend solutions that incorporate the following components:

  • Access control systems
    You need to ensure that only authorized employees, visitors and couriers can enter your Baltimore property or access secure areas. A Baltimore commercial security system installation professional can assess the areas that require the strongest control and recommend a solution that incorporates the most appropriate readers, controllers and credentials. The solution will provide the highest levels of security while maintaining convenient access for authorized visitors.

  • Video security camera systems
    A well-positioned network of commercial security cameras will ensure your security team is fully aware of what’s happening throughout your property. As well as providing real-time situational awareness, video security cameras provide a visual record of incidents for analysis or evidence. Commercial security camera installers in the Baltimore area can work with you to identify high-risk zones and optimize your surveillance network. A business security camera installer in Baltimore can also recommend video camera management systems that can be seamlessly integrated with other security components and building management systems.

  • Commercial-grade door locks
    A door lock can be the weakest link in a commercial security system; that’s why it pays to upgrade security by selecting robust, reliable door locks fitted by a professional Baltimore security system installation expert. Your installer can recommend the most suitable commercial security systems, including commercial door locks, wireless locks, or smart locks, providing your security team with the flexibility to manage locking remotely, via a cloud-based control center or a mobile app.

  • Sensors and notifications
    A network of sensors coupled with real-time notifications adds further situational awareness to your office security system installation. It can help your security team monitor occupancy levels and detect broken windows, forced-open doors or gunshots. A Baltimore commercial security alarm installer can advise on the location of sensors and recommend the best solutions to maximize security and ensure rapid incident response times.

  • Security and safety alarms
    A comprehensive alarm system that includes fire alarms, smoke detectors and emergency systems is essential to meet local Baltimore regulations. A professional commercial alarm system installation expert will ensure that your alarm system complies with the latest local, state and federal regulations, as well as provides the highest levels of protection for your property and people.

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Choosing the best Baltimore business CCTV security and alarm system

Baltimore is a great center for business with a strong presence in healthcare, biotech, and finance, as well as a diverse range of companies operating across all industry sectors, emphasizing the importance of physical security. Whatever your industry, a professional Baltimore commercial business or office security system installer can ensure you have the right security solution for your business.

What makes our recommended Baltimore business security system installation experts different is their understanding of holistic security. They recognize the contribution of individual components, but recommend solutions where the components work together seamlessly to maximize security — and improve efficiency. That’s why the best professional installers recommend mobile and cloud-based access control solutions from Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, as the foundation for a holistic commercial security system for Baltimore businesses.

Avigilon Alta devices and software are designed and built to open standards so they can be easily integrated with other key components, such as alarms, video security cameras, cloud-based security cameras, sensors, analytics software, and building management systems. The latest Avigilon Pro Series readers also feature built-in video and intercom functionality. This enables a certified Baltimore business security system installer to integrate Avigilon Alta with existing components to create a holistic solution that maximizes security while protecting existing investment.

Avigilon is a global manufacturer of access control solutions. We provide high-quality customer service throughout Baltimore and across the nation. Our network of certified security camera installers for business and commercial security system installers supports customers in Downtown Baltimore, Inner Harbor, Westside Baltimore, City Center financial district and other key business zones. These experienced professionals ensure your commercial security systems are installed quickly and efficiently to meet the high standards your Baltimore business expects.

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