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Expert commercial CCTV and security system installers in Auckland

Physical security consistently ranks as a top concern for business owners in any location. Still, with property crimes rising by almost 11,000 offences per year in recent times, Auckland business owners may be considering reevaluating their security systems. If you need help from an experienced commercial security systems installer in the North Island of New Zealand, Avigilon can assist.

Our network of local commercial security camera and security system installation teams have full access to the latest Avigilon smart security technologies, enabling you to benefit from industry-leading security solutions. Your local Avigilon business security system installer will work with your teams to set up and configure a bespoke network of devices unique to your business.

Our end-to-end security ecosystem simplifies the management of your commercial security system in Auckland, combining access control, CCTV and building management tools into a single convenient solution. A local Avigilon security partner will assess your site to recommend appropriate upgrades and smart integrations, drawing on extensive knowledge of both local threats and commercial security industry best practices.

If your business security system has not been reviewed in some time, or you’re looking into expanding your Auckland office security system installation in line with business growth, contact Avigilon’s network of fully certified security system integrators for local businesses.

From upgrades and repairs to the implementation of a new office security system, local business security system installation teams can help you develop the following:

  • Smart access systems - Avigilon can connect you to office security system installers can help you modernise your access systems using advanced cloud-based management tools. Avigilon Alta access readers require no costly physical servers and can be freely integrated into wider security systems thanks to our open API architecture. Choose from multiple credential types, including key cards, mobile credentials and biometric readers, and adjust your system remotely from any secure smart device.

  • AI security cameras - Your local commercial security camera installer has access to our advanced AI-informed CCTV systems, enabling you to automate threat detection processes and better analyse security threats. A commercial CCTV installer can assess your property to recommend appropriate camera types for key locations, teaching your team how to set up automatic alerts and incident responses powered by Avigilon’s smart video management software.

  • Integrated alarm systems - Commercial security alarm installation teams can link alarms and environmental sensors to wider security systems, allowing for real-time alerts and automated responses. Your Auckland commercial security alarm installer can connect smart locks and cameras to motion sensors, ensuring doors remain locked and footage is flagged in response to suspicious activity, with live notifications sent directly to verified smart devices for 24/7 security protection.

  • Building management solutions - Our network of commercial video surveillance installers in Auckland can integrate AI CCTV systems into building management solutions, helping you analyse how your property is used. AI tools monitor occupancy levels to inform scheduling and HVAC systems, with outdoor cameras analysing vehicles to improve parking management.

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The right Auckland commercial CCTV and alarm system for your building

When developing an effective commercial building security system, it is important to work with certified installers and experts with extensive knowledge of the local area. Avigilon’s wide network of security integrators, contractors and vendors in Auckland have hands-on experience working with commercial clients across the city and receive regular training on how best to use our latest technologies. 

A local security camera installer for business clients understands that business owners face unique challenges and threats and will work with your team to create unique solutions supported by our industry-leading end-to-end physical security ecosystem. 

Whether you need an Auckland business security camera installer to help you improve existing threat detection capabilities or a professional security integrator to modernise your commercial property, our local security experts can help.

Contact a local Avigilon partner in Auckland today to begin strengthening your physical security planning and posture to future-proof your growing commercial enterprise. 

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Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.