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Certified commercial security system installers from Atlanta

If you’re running a business in Atlanta, you’ll know that an effective commercial security system is essential. According to news reports, the city is seeing rising trends in violent crimes and property theft that have continued since 2021. That can pose a threat to your property and your people. So, if you’re planning to upgrade your existing security system or deploy a new one, it’s important to choose an Atlanta commercial security system installer who understands what local businesses need. To ensure the strongest level of protection for your business, leading commercial security system installers in Atlanta recommend holistic solutions that include the following components:

  • Access control systems: An access control system is one of the most important elements of a business security system. Professional Atlanta office security system installers can recommend the best system and the best provider to ensure only authorized employees and visitors can access your property. Your office security system installer can review current access control and recommend the most appropriate controllers, door readers and credentials to secure your property entrances and secure areas.

  • Video security camera networks: Local commercial security camera installation experts in Atlanta use their experience to identify the high-risk areas in your property where cameras are necessary. With the right network in place installed by a security camera installer for business, your security team will always have an up-to-date picture so they can respond rapidly – and record – any security breaches or incidents. The team doesn’t even have to be onsite to monitor your property; ask your Atlanta business security camera installer about the remote monitoring and recording capabilities of the latest video management software.

  • Alarms and notifications: Commercial security alarm installation is imperative for Atlanta offices and commercial buildings. To comply with state, federal,\ and local regulations, it’s essential to have efficient and reliable fire, flood and emergency alarms throughout your property. Atlanta security alarm system installers are familiar with the regulations and can recommend the best systems to protect your property and your people – and maintain compliance. 

  • Door locks and sensors: The traditional lock and key is no longer sufficient for commercial security. An Atlanta business security installer can assess the locks in your secure areas and recommend options from the latest electric door locks and wireless smart locks. They’re robust, secure and convenient, and will help maximize security. They can also recommend sensors that help your team monitor occupancy levels and detect unsecured doors or broken glass.

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Leading Atlanta office and business security system installation

As well as its major tourist attractions, Atlanta is home to more than 150,000 businesses, thanks to the region’s low cost of doing business, good transportation links and access to a skilled workforce. Atlanta commercial security system installers are familiar with the local business scene and can help you maximize security.

All of those components make an important individual contribution to commercial security. However, to ensure the highest levels of protection, business and office security system installation professionals recommend that the components should work together as a single, integrated system. To achieve that, leading Atlanta commercial security system installers recommend Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, touchless access control systems as a core element of a holistic security solution for your business. Avigilon Alta, a leading global access control manufacturer based in the US, designs and builds to open standards, which makes it easy to integrate their advanced access control products like the Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro with security cameras, alarms and other security system components. 

To benefit from a holistic solution and maximize your security, ask for a local Atlanta office security system installer certified with Avigilon. We have a network of professional installers throughout the Atlanta business districts, including Buckhead, Midtown, Downtown, Cumberland and the Perimeter Center. Certified Atlanta business security system installers and commercial security alarm installers have the experience and credentials to provide amazing customer support and ensure that your business security system installation is fast and effortless, providing you with a solution that ensures optimal performance and security.

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