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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Adelaide

With one of the fastest-growing local economies in Australia, Adelaide is an attractive city for small and large business owners. But in recent years, local businesses have had to contend with rising rates of violent and property crimes, both of which have been steadily increasing since 2020. To combat this, you may be looking for a new office security system.

Avigilon, an award-winning physical security system manufacturer and installation company, works with an expansive network of commercial security system experts in Adelaide to help employers improve their security postures. If you need expert advice about strengthening your business’s security system, our network of professionals can help.

Our local-based Avigilon integrators can help you develop and configure a bespoke office security system installation, benefitting from end-to-end security technologies. These installers will assess your requirements to suggest future-proof improvements and reliable integrations, combining key security devices like access control, CCTV and alarm systems.

Our certified and experienced network of business security system installation teams have access to the latest smart technologies, software solutions and intelligent security hardware devices, ensuring your business can benefit from Avigilon’s end-to-end physical security ecosystem. By working with an Avigilon security integrator, business owners gain insight from an installer who understands both local threats and security industry trends. Our experts can help you develop the following:

  • Proactive CCTV systems — Our local partners will review your property to ensure the right devices are installed in the right locations. Each Avigilon commercial security cameras installer has access to our wide range of smart surveillance devices, including remote-access PTZ cameras, IP cameras and cloud monitoring solutions, providing a more holistic view of your defences.

  • Automated threat detection solutions — Installers can strengthen your commercial security system via integrations with AI video analytics software and intelligent sensors. Your commercial CCTV camera installer can deploy AI software to autonomously detect suspicious actions like crowds forming in unusual areas, while motion, heat and sound sensors can be configured to send real-time security alerts.

  • Adaptive access control networks — Avigilon Alta access readers can be linked to your business security system to reliably restrict property access. Multiple credential types, including key fobs, mobile credentials, and biometrics, are available. Cloud-based management enables remote access and monitoring.

  • Bespoke security integrations — Your security system expert will help you develop unique security installations built around your needs. Our partners can link cameras to access readers, ensuring access events are logged to aid later investigations. Sensors can be linked to smart locks to ensure doors are secured in response to suspicious activity, and your entire network can be viewed remotely via cloud-based management solutions.

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The right Adelaide commercial CCTV and alarm system for your building

Adelaide is home to over 12,300 businesses. But with reports of anti-social behaviour and criminal offences increasing in recent years, many employers may need assistance from a commercial security system installer to better protect their properties from threats. 

By choosing to work with Avigilon, you’ll have a network of commercial security camera installers & alarm installers. This will ensure your business is protected not only from general criminality but also localised threats specific to your area.

Our local Avigilon partners receive frequent training and updates regarding the latest physical security trends while having hands-on experience working in your immediate community. This allows our certified teams to suggest reliable and effective solutions to help you develop a future-proof commercial security system. 

Whether you need a qualified commercial video surveillance installer, an access control installation team or a full-site security integrator to review existing systems, our local experts will help you make the best use of modern physical security systems.

Contact Avigilon today to get in touch with an experienced business security system installer in Adelaide who can teach your teams how to implement industry-leading security solutions.

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