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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Abu Dhabi

Businesses in Abu Dhabi welcomed 18 million guests in 2022, an increase of 17% compared to the previous year. With tourism levels expected to continue rising in the near future, local business owners must ensure that existing commercial security systems can meet modern demands.

Avigilon’s end-to-end smart security solutions provide business owners with a more holistic view of their properties and key assets. Experienced Abu Dhabi commercial security system installers can combine access control, CCTV and building management systems within a unified cloud-based platform, ensuring 24/7 security monitoring capabilities.

Avigilon partners with a vast network of certified commercial security system installers in Abu Dhabi and UAE security camera installers for business clients to help local business owners develop bespoke security solutions. Experienced commercial security system experts based in Abu Dhabi will walk your staff through the benefits of modern security solutions, including: 

  • Access control systems — Access control solutions enable businesses to manage who has access to their properties at specific times. Abu Dhabi commercial security system installers can recommend bespoke physical security measures featuring multiple credential types, including PIN, key card, mobile-based and high-security biometric readers to help teams grant or deny access requests from staff, guests and temporary visitors.

  • Video security solutions — Avigilon’s commercial camera system solutions enable teams to monitor high-risk areas at all times. Abu Dhabi commercial CCTV installers will show your teams how to view and adjust active devices remotely via a secure cloud-based platform, with AI video analytics tools programmed to identify incidents automatically.

  • Unified management tools — Local business security system installers can combine access readers, security cameras, smart locks, sensors and alarms within a unified management system, enabling staff to investigate suspicious events in real-time and program automated responses to common risks like break-ins and acts of vandalism.

  • Building management integrations — Avigilon’s partnered UAE business security system installation teams work alongside property owners to add extra functionality to traditional security solutions. Access control and CCTV devices can be connected to a vast array of environmental sensors and alarms, including occupancy, pressure, sound and temperature sensors, to help streamline building management operations.

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Reliable commercial security cameras and systems for your Abu Dhabi building or office

As the largest emirate and capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi has seen a notable increase in both commercial interest and tourism levels in recent years. With over 287,000 residential units across the city and the area’s office and retail sectors growing by 60% and 53% in the last few years, many property owners may be looking to modernise existing security systems.

When selecting an appropriate business or office security system installer in Abu Dhabi, it’s vital that property owners prioritise experienced professionals with an intimate knowledge of the local area. Avigilon partners with a vast network of certified commercial security system installers and security integrators in Abu Dhabi to ensure installations will deter local threats.

Installation teams with extensive experience developing modern solutions for commercial properties will review your site to recommend bespoke security upgrades. Working alongside your teams, security integrators will identify areas needing attention and help you develop future-proof installations using Avigilon’s advanced end-to-end security ecosystem.

By choosing to work with one of Avigilon’s partnered Abu Dhabi business security system installers, property owners gain access to comprehensive expertise and support, including:

  • Professional advice - Avigilon only partners with experienced commercial security professionals with extensive knowledge of industry best practices and local threats.

  • 24/7 customer support - Clients gain access to our award-winning 24/7 customer support team, who will be able to answer any questions regarding your installation.

  • Automated updates - Avigilon’s cloud-based commercial security solutions feature automated software updates to ensure all security systems are protected from novel threats.

Whether you need a full system replacement or targeted upgrades to existing solutions, our office security system and commercial security camera installation partners in Khalifa City, Al Raha, Khalidiya, Al Karamah and surrounding areas of Abu Dhabi will offer expert advice.

Contact our local security experts today to start future-proofing your organisation’s defences.

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