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A forward-thinking solution

A bust INDEVCO deployed a full Avigilon security solution to help ensure that safety measures are being maintained and that assets are handled properly at all of their business locations.

Centralized monitoring

Avigilon Unity Video software allows for quick and easy review of live or recorded video from one centralized platform.

Proactive safety

Cameras embedded with Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics help the security team know what is happening on their site.

Reduced bandwidth

Avigilon High Definition Stream Management technology reduces bandwidth and storage needs while maintaining image quality.

Advanced analytics

Analytics that recognize and detect the movement of people and vehicles, notifying the team of events that may need further investigation.

Powerful video security

Seeking a solution that could enable remote viewing, provide clear video for liability claims and reduce network bandwidth, INDEVCO turned to Avgilon.

Challenge: Managing liability

INDEVCO was facing many challenges within its warehouses, including a lack of attention to safety protocols and the mishandling of tangible assets. Common incidents included untidiness, mishandled packages and passageways that were blocked by abandoned goods, increasing the risk of accidents and liability claims.

Without effective safety measures in place, work injury claims could occur, and without clear video to address these incidents in a court of law, INDEVCO may be held liable.

Solution: Remote viewing and clear video

INDEVCO deployed a solution that could enable remote viewing, provide clear video for liability claims and reduce network bandwidth.

  • Excellent coverage

    Over 1,100 Avigilon H4 Bullet and H4 Dome cameras with self-learning video analytics were installed across nine locations.

  • Remote monitoring

    All cameras run on the Avigilon Unity Video platform, allowing security personnel to view all sites from a single, centralized location and via tablet or smartphone when on the go.

  • Clear evidence

    Being able to capture clear video for monitoring and investigative purposes assists the team from the time an event occurs until after it is resolved.

Result: Improved safety and security

The Avigilon system has enabled INDEVCO to set up analytic rules to receive notifications of movement in areas where safety is a concern, helping to ensure a proactive response while decreasing liability exposure.

It helps monitor and control movement in warehouses, preventing common accidents by detecting and alerting operators of potential safety events, such as individuals who enter restricted areas and forklifts traveling in the wrong direction.

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