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Cloud migration is a major trend across the business world, with many organizations looking for ways to streamline their global operations using this technology. Leveraging the cloud as a business tool has many benefits — easing IT burden, improving sustainability and simplifying processes at scale, to name a few. But can bringing physical security solutions into the cloud make a significant impact for enterprise businesses? 

In this article, you’ll explore the unique security challenges of enterprise-level organizations, and see which features and capabilities of a cloud-based access control solution can make the biggest impact for your business.

Unique challenges for enterprise security

Security is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why an enterprise-level organization needs an enterprise security system. Many businesses believe that cloud-based systems are simply not robust enough to handle the scope of enterprise security needs. However, today’s cloud technology can actually help solve some of the most common challenges for the enterprise sector.

Complex operations

Enterprise businesses have a lot going on, which can make managing security and access a challenge. Often, enterprise access systems and processes are inefficient and cumbersome. Between balancing budgets, employee turnover, giving access to visitors and managing IT networks on a global scale, inefficiency is at the core of many enterprise security frustrations. 

While this may not seem like more than a minor headache for day-to-day management, emerging security risks are bound to catch up eventually, exposing the vulnerabilities of sluggish access and security processes. 

Cloud-based solutions can help streamline enterprise access operations with custom rules, triggers and security integrations to automate tasks. 

Security at scale

Because cloud-based access systems don’t require on-site servers, they can be useful for enterprise organizations as they grow. Even if your organization has existing on-premise systems, many cloud-based, enterprise-grade and commercial access control systems like Avigilon Alta can be deployed in a hybrid environment. This allows admins and teams across all locations to have centralized access to the entire database, without the need to install dedicated servers for each space.

Running point on security for any business also requires knowing who needs access and when, making sure visitors are accounted for, as well as responding to lockouts, lost credentials and technical issues. Scale that up to thousands of people across hundreds of doors around the world — and now you know why access control can be a source of frustration for many security operators. The sheer size of enterprise organizations makes managing access a challenge. 

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Benefits of choosing cloud for enterprise security

When it comes to choosing cloud-based or on-premise systems, it’s important to ensure you don’t compromise on functionality for the security and features you need. Take a look at the top benefits of cloud access solutions for enterprise businesses:

Frictionless integration

Thanks to open architecture, cloud-native solutions like Avigilon Alta allow enterprise security operators to automate many tasks. From automatically syncing with identity providers, to leveraging custom rules and AI-powered analytics to automate notifications and responses, cloud access solutions are an important part of an integrated security ecosystem. This enables organizations to save on costs by using in-house developer resources, plus limit service disruption as they scale and bring in new technologies.

Customization at the user level 

In many enterprise organizations, administrators will require different levels of access and visibility. With features like Avigilon Alta’s custom dashboards, each user can add the widgets and reports they need, ensuring they see what matters most for their position and location. 

In addition, role and schedule-based permissions help ensure the right people have access to the right entries, at the right times. While this type of feature is not unique to enterprise uses specifically, being able to adjust settings and control access from anywhere via secure cloud software helps ensure nothing important slips through the cracks. 

Improved productivity

When it comes to managing a door access system, intuitive software reduces the amount of training required to get security administrators onboarded. In addition, having remote access to data and controls allows for greater operational flexibility. Minimizing IT and administrative burden with straightforward controls and cloud access for operators can lead to better productivity, efficiency and happier employees. 

Easy scalability

Simplify adding new doors, sites and users with cloud-based systems. With options to set access schedules, customize permissions and configure new sites at any time in the Alta Control Center, enterprises can maintain full control over their security, from anywhere in the world. 

Future-proofing security operations

The security landscape is constantly evolving, with new threats that businesses need to address and changing expectations from employees and customers. With access control in the cloud, enterprises can take advantage of automatic software updates and feature rollouts over-the-air, ensuring they have the latest technology as soon as it’s available, with no need to schedule in-person maintenance to keep your systems protected. 

End-to-end encryption and redundancy 

Today’s IoT-connected security systems are producing more data than ever before. One of the benefits of access control that operates in the cloud is that valuable data can be stored in multiple locations, without having to invest in additional on-site infrastructure. In addition to redundancy, end-to-end encryption helps further protect data generated by access systems. This means that even if somebody is able to intercept data from a door reader, for example, they won’t be able to read it without the encryption key. 

What to look for when choosing access for enterprise businesses

When comparing access control systems for your business, it’s about more than just reliable security. While that is, of course, the main purpose of any access control system, there are some features that can help make your system more frictionless and future-proof. To get the most out of enterprise-grade cloud access control, Avigilon Alta also offers:

Mobile-friendly interface

Having remote access is great, but only if the user experience is good on any device. Avigilon Alta’s Control Center management dashboards are designed to be easy to use from anywhere, and the mobile apps for both end users and admins are highly rated and reliable. 

Automation and custom rules

One of the most powerful tools in streamlining operations for enterprise-class security systems is the ability to automate tasks. Avigilon Alta’s Enterprise software allows you to easily create and manage unlimited rules for access. 

In addition, access control in the cloud that leverages open API and mobile SDK makes it easier to integrate third-party sensors and systems, and leverage these in your rules. For example, integrated security cameras, panic buttons and door sensors can help automate tasks for emergency response in an office or warehouse.

Interoperability and open architecture

Today’s enterprise security teams are often managing a range of different security products and systems. Especially when different locations have different technology, this can cause problems down the road. Avigilon Alta is built to open standards, making it easier to connect to the systems you have now, and also paves the way for future automation and integration across your entire ecosystem.

Remote access

Having 24/7 visibility across your locations is one of the key benefits of an enterprise-grade access system. Cloud-native Avigilon Alta simplifies this, allowing team members to easily access their data and controls, without needing to be onsite. 

Great end-user experience

Employees don’t want to carry around a different key card for every building, or scroll through hundreds of entries in an app to find the door they’re trying to open. A great access control solution needs to be easy for your employees and visitors to use. For example, Avigilon Alta’s mobile credentials come with 99.9% unlock reliability and automatic entry detection for a fast, frictionless experience. Avigilon door readers and intercoms offer the flexibility to also support key cards, fobs and PIN codes on a single system, plus convenient digital credentials for guests. 

Is your system actually enterprise-grade?

Most cloud-based access for enterprise businesses have the above features covered. However, remote and mobile-friendly solutions don’t always equate to security built for multi-site organizations. The Avigilon Alta Enterprise software package includes additional features designed to accommodate the specific needs of enterprise organizations. 

Static Cloud IP

Many enterprise businesses operate security within restricted environments requiring more oversight and control. Often, this means cloud-based systems, which connect to the network through changing IP addresses, aren’t an option. 

However, Avigilon Alta’s Static Cloud IP feature provides a direct connection via a permanent IP address. This feature makes it easier to configure and manage Avigilon Alta ACUs for enterprises with restricted network firewall rules, ensuring they can get all the benefits of cloud access control, without compromising on security. 

Alarm management

Within large organizations, the ability to respond quickly to potential issues is vital to enterprise-level security. Instant notifications from cloud-based systems are helpful, but Avigilon Alta takes this one step further with detailed alarm management options. 

This feature allows enterprise security operators to quickly triage potential issues with:

  • Instant notifications for specific access event triggers

  • Scalable customization with 5 priority levels

  • The ability to define instructions for response actions

  • Alarm schedules based on location and zone

  • The option to assign alarms to individual users for investigation 

In addition, security operators can use detailed reporting in the Avigilon Alta Control Center to audit alarm history, view alarm notes and search specific alarm events, helping to reduce false alarms and improve responses to future alerts.

Muster reports

No security strategy is complete without detailed emergency response protocols. This can be challenging for large enterprises, as the sheer number of employees and staff can become overwhelming, especially when time is of the essence. Because cloud access solutions are already recording who has credentialed into the site that day, they are a powerful tool for mustering. 

In the event of an emergency, Avigilon Alta’s Muster Report allows designated users to quickly pull up a list of active users, and mark them as safe. Because the software is cloud-native, this negates the need to be at a specific workstation, giving admins greater flexibility to access Muster Reports from a tablet or mobile device whenever and wherever they are needed. Avigilon Alta also gives enterprises the option to use specific entries as Muster Points for more accurate counts. 

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