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A more complete security picture

See how sensor integrations improve environmental monitoring and enhance your Alta video security deployment.

Air quality for health and safety

Monitor overall air quality or track specific metrics to improve the health and safety of your employees, students, or customers. Get notified when levels exceed set thresholds to mitigate issues, or use alerts to detect and investigate vaping incidents.

  • CO2, PM2.5 and TVOC
  • Temperature and humidity
  • THC and vape detection

Improve situational awareness

Enhance safety and security with sensors and use environmental monitoring to improve situational awareness. Monitor proximity and access to get visibility, even in areas where cameras can’t be installed. Use audio and noise detection to add context to video and improve alerting.

  • Proximity and access
  • Device tampering and touch
  • Audio and noise

Ensure optimal operating conditions

Monitor conditions to protect facilities and assets. Prevent damage to critical infrastructure to minimize downtime and preserve sensitive goods by managing temperature, humidity, and water leaks. Leverage trend analytics over time to identify patterns and take proactive steps to optimize operations.

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Water and leaks
  • Noise levels

Build a smarter security ecosystem

Alta Aware offers end-to-end visibility with a smart, flexible cloud platform so you can transform your organization’s security.

Choose what works for you

Open platform allows you to bring in best-of-breed sensors to Alta Aware so you can protect what is important to your organization.

Secure, anytime, anywhere visibility

Cloud-based access to your data, from anywhere on any device. End-to-end encryption, SSO, 2FA, and automatic updates ensure you’re protected.

Intuitive platform

Easy to set up, easy to use: connect environmental sensors to Aware in minutes, and keep your staff up-to-date in real time.

Extending value beyond security

Leverage aware video insights, access control, and sensor events to improve facility and asset management, and business operations.

Intelligent features

Streamline operations and enhance safety and security with Alta Aware.

Build a better cloud security system

Get the most out of your security with Alta Aware, Avigilon Ava cameras, and powerful sensor integrations.

Alta Aware

Open, scalable, secure and easy to use, the cloud-based Alta Aware VMS transforms security for your organization.

Avigilon Ava Flex Camera

An easy to setup and use wireless camera with integrated environmental IoT sensors for smart, powerful security.

HALO Smart Sensors

Monitor and alert on vape, smoke, chemicals, noise and more with HALO smart sensors, integrated with Avigilon Alta and Unity video.

Technical Documentation & Software
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