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HALO Smart Sensor

The HALO smart sensor notifies you in real-time of vaping, smoke, chemicals, abnormal noise levels and more. It also quickly detects instances of bullying, fighting or smoking. Integrate with Avigilon Unity Video or Alta Aware to receive alerts of potentially critical events in privacy-concern areas where video security solutions are not permitted.

impact rating
0° C
lowest operating temperature
+50° C
highest operating temperature

An additional layer of security

Designed with privacy in mind, the HALO Smart Sensor allows you to monitor and protect areas that cannot be covered by video security solutions.

Real-time alerts

Air quality monitoring

Avigilon VMS integration

Easy to install

All-in-one intelligent device

A single HALO Smart Sensor can help you detect vape, THC, chemicals, gas, aggression, calls for help and gunshots, as well as monitor air quality and alert you of vandalism and trespassing in real-time. Foster a safer and cleaner environment with this smart vape sensor, which lets you monitor areas where cameras cannot be implemented, such as washrooms and private hotel rooms.

Added situational awareness

Be notified in real-time when the HALO Smart Sensor detects an anomaly in our powerful VMS. Each time the sensor triggers, the nearby Avigilon camera to the sensor will pull up a live video feed in the software. 

From there, you can immediately investigate, identify the individual(s) and take action accordingly. This vape detector solution makes it possible to protect people and property, even in areas where video security solutions are not permitted.

Technical documentation and software
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