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Embedded USB Smart Reader

The Avigilon Embedded USB Smart Reader combines the functionality of a USB printer reader, desktop enrollment reader and embedded module into one device. The reader supports multiple touchless access methods, including Wave to Unlock, in-app and remote unlocks, and unlocking via a smart watch.

  • Touchless access
  • Triple Unlock
  • Embeddable form factor
  • USB port

Extend access beyond the front door

Our versatile Smart Reader comes in an embeddable form factor that can be used for elevator and turnstile access, as a printer reader or for desktop enrollment applications via USB connection.

Touchless access control

Patented Triple Unlock technology

Built-in capacity tracking

Simplified installation

Customizable for every application

Equipped with full Smart Reader functionality and patented Triple Unlock technology, the Embedded USB Smart Reader enables frictionless access across the entire facility.

  • Touchless reliable access

    Supports hands-free Wave to Unlock, mobile or watch app, tablet, HF and LF key cards, fobs and Cloud Key. Embedded USB Readers connected to USB will only accept any non-mobile credential at this time.

  • Extended USB functionality

    Leverage the added USB port to connect to computers, printers and kiosks for use as an enrollment reader or to control print access.

  • Installs anywhere you need it

    Can be installed on a single gang box or embedded inside turnstiles, elevator panels and kiosks, or into a wall for architectural applications with convenient breakaway tabs.

  • Supports multiple configurations

    Sleek form factor is easy to mount and install via RS-485 wiring, is backward compatible with legacy wiring to the controller and can connect to third-party Wiegand readers.

Implement everywhere, manage from anywhere

Alta Access combines sleek hardware with an app, enabling employees to enter the office using their smartphone. Unlike legacy systems, Alta Access software is cloud-based, easily scales with your business and seamlessly integrates with platforms like G Suite and Azure AD.

  • 100% remote management on any device

  • Secure, convenient mobile credentials

  • Open ecosystem for limitless integration

Technical documentation and software
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