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Mullion Smart Keypad Reader

The Smart Keypad Reader combines all of the capabilities of the Avigilon Smart Readers while revolutionizing PIN code access. Designed for ease of use for both credentialed users and visitors. The reader is built to last, with a durable, capacitive touch keypad that prevents wear and tear and spoofing.

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • PIN code access
  • Lockdown
  • Touchless Wave to Unlock

Enhanced security and durability

The cloud-based device allows remote unlock and PIN-activated Lockdown, plus it’s backward compatible with third-party access systems via Mobile Gateway.

Touchless access control

Fast and reliable with Triple Unlock

Increased durability

Cloud security

Revolutionized PIN code access

Easy to use and simple to manage, the high-performance Smart Keypad Reader enables frictionless access for both credentialed users and visitors with customizable PIN codes and touchless mobile entry.

  • Supports any combination of access methods

    Supports hands-free Wave to Unlock, mobile or watch app, tablet, HF and LF key cards, fobs and Cloud Key credentials with the option to enable multi-factor authentication.

  • Secure by design

    Our tamper-resistant reader features a capacitive touch keypad with an easy-clean surface, encrypted end-to-end communication and supports automatically generated 16-digit PIN codes.

  • Easy to install

    Sleek mullion form factor is easy to mount in areas where space is limited and installs with standard electrical wiring to replace or integrate with legacy access control systems.

Implement everywhere, manage from anywhere

The cloud-based Alta Access software for the Avigilon Keypad Reader enables remote and mobile monitoring for all entry activity on any device, and seamless integration with platforms like G Suite and Azure AD. Plus, users can unlock the door using their smartphone.

  • 100% remote management on any device
  • Secure, convenient mobile credentials

  • Open ecosystem for limitless integration

Technical documentation and software
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