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Find answers now to your Alta Access Control questions using our knowledge-based articles.

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Connect with other like-minded users by joining a variety of topic-specific groups, including the Openpath group.

Contact Support

Our team of specialists is here to answer your questions, 24/7. Note that Live Chat support for Alta Access products is not available at this time.

Phone Support

Support for all Avigilon Unity and Alta brands now use the same phone number. For Avigilon Alta Access Support, locate the phone number for your region below and select option 2.

United States (US)

Phone: +1 213-297-2180

Canada (CA)

Phone: +1 213-297-2180

Brazil (BR)

Austria (AT)

Belgium (BE)

Phone: +32 25-880-707

Czech Republic (CZ)

Denmark (DK)

Phone: +45 80-82-00-39

Finland (FIN)

France (FR)

Germany (DE)

Greece (GR)

Hungary (HU)

Phone: +36 80-088-032

Ireland (IE)

Italy (IT)

Netherlands (NL)

Phone: +31 20-241-1500

Norway (NO)

Phone: +47 22-72-82-22

Portugal (PT)

Slovakia (SK)

Spain (ES)

Phone: +34 911-988-083

Sweden (SE)

Phone: +46 020-889-237

Switzerland (CH)

United Kingdom (UK)

Australia (AU)

Phone: +61 2-8748-1930

China* (North)

China* (South)

Hong Kong (HK)

Phone: +852 5806-1111

New Zealand (NZ)

Phone: +64 99-226-161

Bahrain (BH)

Phone: +973 8001-9950

Israel (IL)

South Africa (ZA)

Phone: +27 11-800-7826