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H6X Box Camera

Deploy physical security your way. Whether you require short or long range coverage, the H6X Box delivers optimal deployment flexibility by letting you choose the lens that best fits your monitoring needs. Enclose the camera in a weatherproof housing* to take on the outdoors with confidence and stay effortlessly aware with onboard AdaptAI video analytics.

*Lens and housing sold separately

max. resolution
max. frame rate
lowest operating temperature
highest operating temperature

Flexibility and compliance at your fingertips

Accelerate response times with AI-powered video analytics to deliver you more insights than ever while complying with privacy requirements. So you can preserve people’s privacy without compromising safety. 

AdaptAI video analytics

Dynamic privacy masking

Automatic IR cut filter

ONVIF S, T, G & M conformant

Stay one step ahead of incidents

Quickly recognize critical events happening on your site and respond decisively. The faster you act can be enough to change the outcome of an incident. The H6X Box comes with AdaptAI video analytics so you can:

  • Be alerted of unusual crowds

  • Identify a person crawling

  • Blur people and vehicles in video to preserve their privacy, with the flexibility to remove it for investigations

  • Classify more objects such as vans, pick-up trucks and large trucks

Capture the perfect shot

The clarity and resolution of your video footage can mean the difference between stopping a critical event or letting it go unnoticed. No matter the lighting condition, you never have to miss a moment with the H6X Box’s:

  • Improved Wide Dynamic Range for clarity in high-contrast lighting conditions 

  • Automatic IR cut filter to deliver greater imaging performance in low-light conditions

  • Fast frame rate of up to 60 fps for high-quality image details 

Customizable to fit your environment

Safeguard your site with the H6X Box’s modular design that can be customized to meet your unique monitoring needs. It offers you the versatility to:

  • Select the lens that suits the coverage required, giving you control over the field of view and depth of field

  • Replace or upgrade the lens without having to replace the entire camera

  • Enclose the camera with a weatherproof housing* for protection from the elements in outdoor deployments

*Lens and housing sold separately

Technical documentation and software
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