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H5SL Bullet Camera

Protect what matters most with the H5SL Bullet camera that combines value and versatility – best suited for general security applications through its easy installation and various lens options. The H5SL Bullet offers long-range detail and comes with advanced AI to notify you of unusual motion that could otherwise be missed.

max. resolution
max. IR range
impact rating
weather rating

Value and versatility, combined

With value and simplicity at the heart of this camera line, you will enjoy the ease of installation, flexible design features and various lens options the H5SL offers.

Unusual Motion Detection

Content adaptive IR

Multiple lens options

ONVIF S, T and G conformant

Be notified of unusual events

Respond faster to potentially critical events with the H5SL Bullet. The camera uses advanced AI technology to proactively notify you of unusual motion that might otherwise have been missed, offering greater situational awareness so you can stay on top of what’s happening at your site.

Capture long-range details in low light

The H5SL Bullet empowers you to see your site clearly up to 230 feet* in low light with its content adaptive IR. The camera can adjust the IR beam width and illumination settings based on the scene conditions to help maximize image quality so that you can monitor your site day and night with confidence. Obtain long-range detail across indoor and outdoor applications with its various lens options available.

* Will vary with lens

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