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H5A Modular Camera, Micro Bullet Imager Module

Protect tight spaces and areas that require an unobtrusive monitoring solution with our smallest camera yet. Its distributed design allows it to be installed in almost any environment, such as ATMs, retail checkout counters, casino gaming tables and more. The Micro Bullet imager module is rated IP66 for water resistance and can be used outdoors.

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Take on big tasks with our smallest camera

Flexible and lightweight, the H5A Modular is a small security camera designed for areas with limited space or that have discreet installation requirements, such as behind false walls or ceilings.

Next-Generation Video Analytics

Customizable design


ONVIF S, T & G conformant

Mix and match for ideal coverage

Obtain optimal coverage with the customizable H5A Modular security camera. The solution consists of one main unit, which can connect up to two imager modules via detachable cables.

This distributed design allows you to mix and match the imager modules with different resolutions and form factors to meet your site’s monitoring needs. Position the imager modules in different orientations to capture the perfect view to support your investigations.

Expedite response times with AI

Stay a step ahead of critical events with the H5A Modular camera’s built-in Next-Generation Video Analytics. Improve response times with Unusual Activity Detection to alert you of atypical locations and speeds of people and vehicles.

The H5A Modular security camera also features support for Avigilon Appearance Search and Facial Recognition technologies to streamline investigations.

Meet discreet monitoring requirements

The H5A Modular camera’s small and discreet imager modules allow for easy installation in practically any environment. For example, banks can install the camera inside their ATMs to protect against theft or fraud. A police station can deploy the camera behind a false wall or ceiling to record evidence in their interview rooms. A casino can retrofit it inside gaming tables to monitor for cheating or suspicious activity.

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