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Avigilon Ava 360 Camera

The AI-powered 360 panoramic security camera is ideal for locations that require coverage in all directions. Installed either indoors or outdoors, our panoramic camera captures wide scenes in high resolution in even the harshest of environments and with low light.


The 360 panoramic series advantage

A smarter cloud-connected 360 security camera.

Easy installation, use and management

AI video and audio analytics

Cloud-native deployment

10-year warranty

AI-powered 360 panoramic camera

The 360 comes with built-in intelligent AI analytics, optional storage with up to 60 days of retention and integrates seamlessly with the Ava Aware Cloud video management system.

  • Enclosure

    Vandal-resistant (IK10) and outdoor-ready (IP66), perfect for any highly exposed deployment.

  • Acoustic sensor

    The acoustic sensor delivers integrated directional audio analytics that identifies audio events and the direction of the source.

  • 12MP image sensor

    High resolution, exceptional low-light performance and multi-exposure line-based HDR to capture every detail in the most challenging light conditions, irrespective of the environment.

  • Breakthrough CPU

    Unparalleled image processing, high-resolution video encoding and computer vision via Ambarella’s system on a chip.

Real-time threat detection

The 360 series integrates advanced intelligence via image recognition, machine learning and acoustics. The cameras detect abnormal behavior and alert operators in real-time. The cameras also identify specific sound patterns like screaming, gunshots, breaking glass or loud noises to determine the type of sound.

Deploy cameras online in minutes

Our plug-and-play configuration removes the need for usernames and passwords, pre-configuration set-up or default settings. You can also scan the unique QR codes on the 360 cameras to onboard them to the Alta Aware Cloud video management system. And users can connect the 360 to walls and ceilings using existing legacy mounts.

Set your preferred panoramic view

Create views from wide-angle cameras so that it’s easier to see the details. Depending on how the 360 cloud security camera is mounted, see the video footage as a globe view, a single 16:9 view or as two separate pictures, each representing half of the camera’s field of view.

Reliable, smart bandwidth optimization

360 is an intelligent video security camera that uses analytics to determine what video to record with optional storage retention up to 60 days. It allows users to configure which resolutions to use when our machine learning analytics consider the video to be either interesting or not. In addition, the camera can dynamically vary the bitrate within a stream based on object detection. This allows it to show the areas of interest more clearly.

Meet Ava 360

A 360 panoramic camera solution for any situation — enhance visibility with powerful AI features and valuable insights.

Technical Documentation & Software
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