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H4 Multisensor Camera

Protect building corners, intersections and large areas with the Avigilon H4 Multisensor panoramic security camera. Be covered from all angles with its three or four individually-adjustable sensors that can be positioned to monitor virtually any environment. Stay on top of potentially critical events with our Self-Learning Video Analytics built into every sensor.

max. resolution
max. IR range
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Get more eyes on the scene with fewer cameras

Achieve expansive scene coverage up to 360-degrees and eliminate blind spots with three or four cameras combined into one powerful solution.

Self-Learning Video Analytics

Content adaptive IR

HDSM Smart Codec

Efficient bandwidth management

ONVIF S, T & G conformant

Obtain multi-directional coverage

Whether you need 180, 270 or 360-degree coverage, the H4 Multisensor has your back. Easily protect areas such as building corners, long corridors, parking lots, intersections, along with large indoor and outdoor areas that are prone to blind spots. 

View your site in high-resolution up to 32 MP with the multihead security camera’s Wide Dynamic Range for high-contrast lighting conditions and optional IR illumination for low-light settings.

Expedite response times with AI

Monitoring large areas is challenging and potentially critical events can easily go unnoticed. Stay effortlessly informed about what is happening at your site with Self-Learning Video Analytics onboard every sensor in the H4 Multisensor security camera. Quickly locate people and vehicles of interest across your entire site with the camera’s support for Avigilon Appearance Search technology.

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