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Seamless integration with Workday

Integration with human resource management software Workday allows you to simplify access management with auto-sync and the ability to create mobile credentials automatically.

The integration enables you to:

  • Create mobile credentials automatically.

  • Automatically sync and remove users and groups.

  • Manually sync users as an alternative to automatic sync.

  • Sync users based on employee ID, department and title.

  • Seamlessly manage access for thousands of users.

Use cases

Read how the Workday and Avigilon Alta integration strengthens access control and security.

  • Comprehensive reports

    The ability to sync users based on title, department, employee ID and other crucial data points allows users to create detailed, customized security reports.

  • Seamless onboarding

    Alleviate redundant work with auto-sync every hour, or every 15 minutes with the Advanced option, to prevent errors and increase efficiency.

  • Fast, frictionless access

    Issue mobile credentials instantly and automatically sync credentials with employees’ permissions levels to give users seamless access.

  • Increased security

    With the capability to automatically sync and remove users from groups, authorization is instantly verified for every individual entering a building.

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