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Seamless integration with Splan

Combining innovative mobile security and enterprise-grade visitor management solutions, the cloud-based integration provides touchless, next-generation guest credentialing and visitor management.

Key benefits of integration

  • Enable completely touchless, easy-to-use visitor check-in and registration.

  • Choose the right type of credential for visitors, contractors, deliveries or vendors.

  • Configure custom access levels for guests for specific areas and times.

  • Streamline visitor check-in and check-out with automated digital processes.

  • Easily monitor issued badges and receive notifications of visitor activity.

Use cases

Read how the Splan and Avigilon Alta integration modernizes access control.

  • Touchless check-in experiences

    Visitors pre-register via web, Outlook or Splan’s SignInEasy app, scan a unique QR code to check in at Splan lobby kiosks and use Alta mobile credentials to access doors during their visit time.

  • Secure visitor access

    The Splan integration gives visitors secure Avigilon Alta credentials for access to specific areas on the property, active only during set times. At check-out, the guest credentials are deactivated.

  • Enforce contractor accountability

    Splan streamlines contractor profile maintenance by retaining all documents and expiry dates, with contractor access activity easily tracked and monitored via Avigilon Alta.

  • Visitor management for tenants

    In a multi-tenant building, each business can pre-register its own visitors and the tenant’s data is partitioned within the Splan system.

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