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Improve visibility with real-time analytics

This integration lets you combine Avigilon Alta’s access control capabilities with Rhombus’ advanced video analytics to associate video with access events in real-time.

Benefits of the integration

  • Pair Avigilon readers with cameras in the Rhombus console.

  • Sync Alta users to Rhombus and associate detected faces.

  • Automatically link Alta entry events with video clips in Rhombus.

  • Receive alerts when Rhombus AI detects a person using someone else’s credential.

  • Associate real-time video footage with Avigilon Alta reader activity.

  • Mitigate tailgating incidents at key entry points.

Pair access control and video analytics

With the Avigilon Video Reader Pro, you get real-time visual verification of every access event with detailed analytics in the Rhombus platform.

  • Alerts for access and tailgating events as they occur.

  • Live video of key entries without having to install an additional camera, plus cloud storage options for improved auditability.

  • The ONVIF compliant device allows video export into the Rhombus VMS.

  • Remotely monitor access activity on your mobile device with on-demand playback of Alta entry events.

Use cases

In the Rhombus console, you can pair cameras with Avigilon readers and sync users with Alta credentials to address security threats where and when they occur.

  • Unify access and video monitoring

    View access events as they occur by linking readers and nearby cameras to monitor key entry points.

  • Improve incident response

    Real-time alerting helps teams identify and triage potential security threats as they happen with more speed and accuracy.

  • Easy auditing

    Facilitate faster audits with streamlined reporting and event marker search in the Rhombus timelines.

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