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Seamless integration with Parkable

The Parkable and Avigilon Alta integration enables a seamless connection between access control and your parking space while simplifying user and space management.

Facilitate seamless access, improve parking space management and boost revenue

Streamline management with Parkable’s interactive maps and view real-time usage and insights with the reporting suite. The bookable visitor parking and tenant-sharing systems help maximize revenue. By integrating with Avigilon Alta, users can easily gain access via the Parkable app without swiping.

  • Increase parking occupancy
  • Reduce time spent on administration
  • Generate extra revenue

Goodbye swipes. Hello, secure access.

The Parkable and Avigilon Alta integration makes it easy to manage access and parking spaces with no additional hardware. Parkable enables you to conveniently manage the allocation, booking and sharing of parking spaces and allows users to pay for parking via the Parkable app. With the Avigilon Alta integration, user and booking information are seamlessly synced with access control to provide easy entry to authorized users.

Improve car park security

Boost parking lot security and streamline operations by allowing only pre-booked spaces into the garage, while reducing costs and administrative tasks through app-based access.

  • Solve parking shortages

    Tenant employees have access to a shared pool of spaces through the Parkable app so more people can park on-site even when leased spaces are full.

  • Reduce administration & improve accuracy

    Replace your mix of spreadsheets, PDFs and paper with a simple drag & drop tool and interactive map. Update your parking allocations in minutes and automate monthly licenses.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Integrating Parkable and Avigilon provides real-time visibility of car park occupancy, reflected in a car park map and report.


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Integration Guide

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