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Seamless integration with Okta

Reduce administrative burden and improve user login experiences when you integrate Avigilon Alta with Okta’s directory management solutions.

Single sign-on and complete control

Work smarter, not harder. Leverage the Avigilon Alta and Okta integration, which enables single sign-on to Aware Cloud, control over user access and the ability to log all access events.

  • One password = increased productivity
  • Cut IT costs with fewer password resets
  • Streamlined user management

Smarter. More powerful together.

  • Develop user-friendly and robust login procedures for the Avigilon Alta mobile app, prioritizing convenience and security. 

  • Implement Okta’s SAML SSO feature for seamless and protected access to the Alta Control Center. 

  • Automate user synchronization for efficient management of access credentials, regardless of user volume. 

  • Simplify user administration with real-time access data insights, facilitating effective building management operations.

Single-sign-on (SSO) powered by Okta

Say goodbye to cumbersome authentication emails and reduce IT burden with Okta’s single-sign on — including real-time reporting and access data for improved security monitoring and compliance.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.