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The Network Manager Service includes functionality to integrate Senstar sensors and devices with Avigilon Unity Video via its POS Transactions interface.

Smarter and more powerful together

From within Unity Video, operators can:

  • View sensor alarms in Alarm or Focus of Attention windows. 

  • View video associated with alarms. 

  • Acknowledge alarms.

  • Monitor equipment faults.

  • Monitor communication status.

Additional benefits of the integration

  • Sensor events are received as POS Transactions that can be selected for monitoring and used to trigger alarms and rules. 
  • Watchdog timer ensures any loss of communications between sensor network and Avigilon Unity Video generates a notification.
  • Support for Network Manager redundancy.
  • Supported sensors include FlexZone, FiberPatrol FP1150, FiberPatrol FP400, Senstar LM100, OmniTrax, UltraWave, UltraLink I/O and XField. 
  • Alarm Logic Engine support.
  • Compatible with Unity Video version and NMS 2.54 or newer.


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Integration Guide

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