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End-to-end visitor management and access

Avigilon Alta’s integration with Sign In Enterprise’s (formerly Lobbytrac) cloud-based software allows users to manage visitor and employee access on one unified interface with remote accessibility to respond in real-time.

Benefits of the integration

  • Provide a professional visitor registration experience.

  • Protect your people by screening visitors against watch lists and requiring wellness forms on check-in.

  • Automatically assign Alta credentials, including a key card or Cloud Key, allowing visitors instant access to authorized areas.

  • Track on-site visitors, manage emergency evacuation and receive critical security alerts in the Sign In Enterprise Frontline app.

  • Help security teams restrict visitors to specific areas and ensure safe egress in an emergency.

Frictionless visitor experiences

Sign In Enterprise’s web-based sign-in and mobile app offer an intuitive interface for scheduled visits and walk-in guests. The app helps schedule visits and sends notifications to employees when their visitors arrive. For a touchless experience, visitors can scan a QR Code displayed on the lobby tablet, and complete the check-in process on their smart device. Once signed in, the visitor can use their Alta Cloud Key credentials for contactless access throughout the facility.

Use cases

Centralize visitor management and access control across every location.

  • Enterprise

    Employees can schedule visits to any site, from anywhere. Security teams can monitor all facilities from a single interface.

  • Multi-tenant and residential buildings

    Schedule access for guests, services and deliveries with remote unlock for approved visitors. Security teams can see activity and trigger alerts or emergency evacuation.

  • Education

    Ensure the security of students and staff by screening visitors against sex offender lists and criminal databases. Trigger security alerts and prioritize safety during an emergency.

  • Secure government facilities

    Safeguard research centers, justice department buildings, intelligence and investigation agency headquarters from criminals and restricted visitors.

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