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Print custom ID badges

The InstantCard and Avigilon Alta integration allows you to import employee information directly from the Avigilon Alta Badge Printing app to design your own access cards.

Benefits of the integration

  • Unlimited ID badge templates to cover different use cases such as visitors, contractors or smart cards.

  • Free professional template design to include your company’s branding.

  • The flexibility to unlock Avigilon Alta entries with custom encrypted ID badges or mobile credentials.

  • Same-day shipping and no minimum batch size for ID badge orders.

  • Advanced ID card technology like credential verification or holographic overlays for added security.

  • Access to InstantCard’s API library and custom web application.

Use cases

Leverage the InstantCard and Avigilon Alta integration for your business.

  • Streamlined ID management

    For companies with large employee databases, streamline ID card generation by automatically importing credential information from Avigilon Alta into InstantCard.

  • Flexible, secure credential options

    With Avigilon Alta you can use custom ID badges or mobile credentials on the same system for greater flexibility to choose the access methods that work best for each tenant.

  • Custom Id badge templates

    Create different design templates for easy visual verification for employees, visitors, contractors or vendors.

  • Transition from in-house printing

    Save time and resources by outsourcing ID badge production.

Have questions? We can help

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