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Secure access for visitor management

The integration between iLobby and Avigilon Alta offers organizations the flexibility to define screening requirements, access provisions, and credential management for employees and visitors.

Benefits of the integration

  • Customize access to buildings or rooms based on factors such as reasons for the visit, visitor registration time and compliance process established by the organization.

  • Link screening process to Avigilon Alta credentials so employees, contractors and visitors have access to buildings or rooms during specific times and dates.

  • Validate known credentials to grant or deny visitor requests.

  • Track user entry activity in the Alta Control Center activity log.

Use cases

iLobby is an enterprise visitor management system that simplifies screening processes through automation for quick,easy checkpoints.

  • Employee record match

    iLobby can run queries within Avigilon Alta for matching employee records to activate and deactivate access credentials.

  • Encrypted key cards

    iLobby works with Avigilon Alta’s preconfigured cryptographic key cards for a more secure visitor screening process.

  • Entry based on a sign-in events

    iLobby can send an API call to Avigilon Alta to open the gate, door or turnstile, allowing approved visitors to enter.

  • Advanced reporting

    Monitor entry data, view real-time entry and run access activity log reports with Avigilon Alta’s reporting tools.

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