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Integrated incident response

The Avigilon Alta and Gabriel integration automates life-saving procedures and engages security, management and first responders for a holistic approach to intervene quickly during critical events.

Benefits of the integration

  • Use Gabriel’s Smart Shield panic buttons to enable instant alerts with gunshot detection to automatically lock doors.

  • Restrict access to predetermined areas of a building with Avigilon Alta lockdown plans.

  • Leverage existing security hardware and systems such as Avigilon readers, cameras, analytics, sensors and panic buttons.

  • Give security teams immediate access to live video, two-way communication, and hot zone mapping with the Virtual Command cloud software, and share video with first responders.

Use cases

Gabriel’s cloud-based solution that leverages existing security assets, such as cameras and access control devices to increase security, reduce false alarms, minimize risk and improve response times.

  • Education

    Instant alerting and gunshot detection automatically routes live video to first responders, and triggers Avigilon Alta lockdown plans without pre-alert human verification or verbal description.

  • Manufacturing and distribution

    Gabriel’s smart camera analytics can initiate Alta lockdown plans during security incidents to prevent access to unsecured areas, and send live video to law enforcement for fast intervention.

  • Office

    Gabriel’s Smart Shield panic buttons feature live two-way communication, smart analytics and the ability to trigger automatic lockdowns for Alta entries to triage security issues in real time.

  • Healthcare

    Real-time camera analytics and smart panic buttons alert security personnel, trigger lockdowns to Alta entries and guide first responders with live video feeds to keep patients and staff safe.

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