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Seamless Integration with Envoy

Take greater control over your visitor management processes with the Envoy and Unity Access integration.

Smart & More Powerful Together

The Avigilon Unity Access and Envoy integration gives businesses comprehensive, secure access and visitor logs. Users can keep track of visitor records more efficiently and utilize Avigilon’s security features to the fullest. This combination provides a robust solution for managing visitor access and security in a streamlined way.

Integration Benefits

  • Track visitor entry activity

    Envoy will automatically create an identity in Unity Access for each new visitor so you can track user entry activity in the Unity Access event log.

  • Customizable configuration options

    Apply a certain identity type, site location, building and/​or role for your visitor records.

  • Leverage Unity Access features

    Utilize all Unity Access capabilities for your visitors, such as badge provisioning, security alerts and more.


View additional resources to support your Avigilon integration.

Integration Guide

Explore the user guide to learn more about how to configure the integration.

Demo Video

See the Unity Access and Envoy integration in action.

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