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Expand your physical access capabilities

This cloud-based integration gives you greater control and flexibility over interior door security, with the ability to monitor Schlage entry activity in the Alta Control Center dashboard.

Versatile design and seamless integration

The ENGAGE Gateway connects Schlage LEB, NDEB and Control™ wireless locks to the Alta Access Cloud, without the need of a Smart Hub. Setup is configured using the Allegion ENGAGE app and the Alta Access Admin app, simplifying the installation process. Entry events are sent to the Control Center in real time, and user access changes are sent to the locks automatically. The ENGAGE Gateway can be powered with PoE or a 12 – 24V supply. Each gateway can support up to 10 wireless locks.


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Alta and Allegion wireless locks

Explore how you can integrate with Alta Control Center and secure your interior doors with the Allegion wireless locks.

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