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Seamless integration with Coram AI

This integration combines Avigilon Alta’s access control capabilities with Coram AI’s physical security platform to associate video with access events in real-time.

Enhanced situational awareness through one platform

Unify video security with access control for enhanced situational awareness for improved safety and security. Through a single, intuitive and cloud-integrated dashboard, operators can oversee all their cameras and access devices.

  • Centralized management of physical security
  • Synchronize video with access events
  • Remote visitor access and verification
  • Automated threat alerts and lockdown features

K‑12 school security management

Centralize the control of all school entrances and their corresponding security cameras through a single dashboard. This integrated system streamlines the process of observing and managing multiple access points.

In the event of an incident, such as an intruder on campus, swiftly initiate a full lockdown with just a few clicks. This feature is crucial for maintaining the safety of students and staff, allowing for immediate action.

Commercial building visitor access

Streamline the process of granting access to visitors in commercial buildings. Utilize camera systems to confirm the identity of guests, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry. This system is useful for managing large numbers of visitors, contractors and temporary staff.

Offer one-off access permissions for visitors, which can be easily managed. This flexibility is ideal for commercial environments where visitor traffic is high and individual access needs may vary.

Warehouse operations access control

Regulate access to different areas of the warehouse efficiently. This allows for the creation of specific zones within the warehouse, each with its own access control, catering to the unique security requirements of different sections.

Quickly and easily grant access to new users or revoke access as needed. This feature is particularly beneficial in the dynamic environment of warehouse operations, where staff changes or role adjustments occur frequently.

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