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Secure touchless entry for turnstiles and gates

Avigilon Alta’s integration with Automatic Systems extends convenient mobile access to a wide variety of turnstile and barrier products.

How the integration works

  • Install an Avigilon reader near the barrier (embedded in a turnstile or on a placard near a parking gate).

  • Wire the turnstile or gate to a relay on an Avigilon controller.

  • Set up the turnstile or gate as an entry in the Alta Control Center.

  • That’s it! Now you can unlock the turnstile or gate using the mobile app or key card.

Use Cases

Extend Avigilon Alta’s administrative capabilities to every entry, gate and security turnstile.

  • Touchless turnstiles

    Use Avigilon Alta’s contactless Wave to Unlock feature to unlock Automatic Systems barriers and gates.

  • Configurable entry options

    Use the Alta Control Center to set up entry schedules, limit credential types and enforce anti-passback rules and capacity limits.

  • Advanced reporting

    Gain insight into your Automatic Systems entries using Avigilon Alta’s real-time reporting tools to view activity log data, monitor entry usage and run reports on historical logs.

  • Easy guest access

    Authorized users can share guest access links with the mobile app, eliminating guest badges and parking validation.

  • Zone sharing

    For multi-tenant buildings with shared lobby turnstiles and parking gates, Avigilon Alta’s zone sharing feature lets building admins give access to common spaces and entries.

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