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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Austin

Your chances of falling victim to a property crime in Austin are 1 in 26. To minimize the potential of a crime occurring on your business’s property, you must invest in top-tier security for your commercial building. If you’re looking for an Austin business security system installer for a new facility or looking to upgrade your current office security system, you need to invest in the leading technology. The best Austin commercial security system installations include:

  • Video surveillance systems: You need to use an Austin commercial security camera installer to ensure you have an overview of what’s going on at your property in real-time. A certified business security camera installer will ensure maximum visibility with the placement of your cameras. If you opt for AI-powered video technology, your security cameras will be paired with sophisticated monitoring software, allowing you to remotely access video feed information anywhere and get real-time alerts and insights to mitigate incidents.

  • Controlling property access: Access control is an essential feature in any security system to ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to your facility. Reach out to a local Austin office security system installer to learn which door access control would best suit your building. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, cloud-based access control allows system administrators to lock and unlock doors remotely using a mobile app or cloud-based Control Center for maximum convenience. Avigilon Alta’s mobile credentials and digital Guest Pass give visitors and employees touchless access to the right doors at the right times. The Video Reader Pro allows Austin commercial security system administrators to view all access activity with real-time video and alerting for optimal protection.

  • Emergency systems and alarms: A commercial security alarm installer will recommend fitting alarms throughout your building security structure and having clear emergency procedures. By enlisting an Austin commercial security alarm installation professional to integrate your alarms with your security system, you can respond more effectively to security alerts, and initiate lockdown procedures swiftly.

  • Office door locks and sensors: Office door locks and sensors allow you to control the access within your building. Internal access control is needed to eliminate the possibility of an internal security breach and tailgating incidents. Internal door locks and sensors can also manage overcrowding in your building when paired with occupancy management software. Commercial building sensors can alert you to gunshot or broken glass detection, and you will receive alerts when your system detects a forced entry attempt, or doors are left ajar.

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Modern commercial security and alarm system integrators for Austin buildings

Investing in robust office security system installation is essential to increase your business intelligence and prevent security incidents that could lead to losses. When choosing the right commercial security system features for your business, you need to invest in components that can be linked to form a merged system. Avigilon Alta is a US-based access control manufacturer favored for its open API standards that make integration extremely easy. 

To verify identity and enhance your access control system, Avigilon offers access hardware with built-in video and intercom functions, such as the Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro. You can integrate these installations with video analytics software, tenant apps and existing access systems to maximize security. Plus, the mobile features of Avigilon Alta products are convenient and easy to use, allowing security staff to monitor security remotely using their smartphones or tablets. 

Avigilon is known for top-quality customer support and simple deployment, and we partner with the top Austin office security system installers and security camera installers for business to offer our services in Allandale, East Austin, Hyde Park, Mueller, and more locations in the Austin area. Our trusted network of installers will be on hand to give you advice on which installations would be best suited to your facility, and will let you know about all of the available integrations for your system.

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