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Improve real estate security with integrations

Seamlessly connecting access control and video security boosts efficiency and strengthens safety for a real estate company with thousands of properties throughout the United States.

Remote unlock

Avigilon makes it easy to unlock any door directly in the app without security personnel having to drive to the property.

Easy integration

By linking Meraki cameras to Avigilon Alta access activity, Friedman can visually check who is at the door before granting access.

Cloud-based systems

Avigilon Alta’s cloud technology makes Friedman's security system faster and more responsive than traditional on-premise systems.

Visual Activity reports

The intuitive dashboard allows operators to create custom reports, boosting compliance and streamlining audits for all entries.

Streamlined security and property management

Read how Avigilon addressed Friedman Real Estate’s security concerns by simplifying management and security processes with easy integrations.

Challenge: Remote entry management

Having a large portfolio of properties throughout the United States, Friedman Real Estate needed a security system that had the ability to quickly confirm access events with visual evidence. Automated alerts were top of mind when choosing providers. Most access and video security solutions were expensive and still lacked the high-level security features and flexibility they needed, and on-premise systems were complicated to operate and often slowed down security operations.

Solution: Cloud-based integrations

Combining different systems into one holistic security allows Friedman flexibility in management while strengthening safety.

  • Easily connect with different systems

    Avigilon Alta’s open architecture allows Friedman to easily connect video with access control for more efficient entry management across their entire portfolio.

  • Remote access and instant alerts

    With Alta’s remote access feature, operators receive alerts for failed unlock authorizations and unlock attempts during off-peak hours.

  • User-friendly management platform

    With convenient thumbnails of each entry event in the Alta dashboard, security teams can see who’s at the door with just a simple click.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.