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When planning for security, building owners and operators need to find a way to address risks and protect against vulnerabilities, all while staying within their budget and not inconveniencing their teams or users. So, why is access control important in this goal?

Security is the main reason why access control is important. Its aim is to protect a building and its occupants, data and assets by reducing the risk of unauthorized intrusion, while making access convenient for authorized users and approved visitors. 

These techniques can provide other important benefits, too. In this article, you’ll learn the top five reasons why access control is important for building security.

Stronger security

As the main reason why access control is important, it enables security professionals to better manage who can enter a property or building. By requiring users to present credentials when they want to enter a building or a space that is restricted for security reasons, operators can more easily limit who has access without physically stationing guards at every door. 

Credentials such as key cards, biometric or mobile credentials identify the user so that the system can authenticate the request against a database of authorized users. 

The importance of access control that uses this modern technology is key to securing today’s workplaces. Electronic systems have generally replaced mechanical lock and key systems, which provided limited security and were expensive to manage.

Convenient access

Convenience is just as important as security for building owners. Authorized users, such as employees in an office complex or tenants of a multi-unit apartment building must be able to enter buildings easily without unnecessary restrictions. They must also be able to grant access to visitors or delivery staff easily. 

Access control meets both of those requirements. Electronic credentials are more convenient than keys, which can be easily lost or forgotten. When it comes to flexibility, the cloud has generated even greater importance of access control for remote operation: users can now open the door on a secure browser or app without physically being onsite. 

Simple access management 

The importance of access control also applies to security management. Security professionals no longer have to issue or recall keys when users join or leave. A few clicks or an automatic sync with identity provider software keeps the database up to date and secure. 

As a best practice of access control, they can also apply more granular security control by providing individual users with different levels of access related to their role or privileges, all on a single credential. When access control is hosted in the cloud, security professionals can monitor and manage the system and open doors without being on the premises, which gives them greater operational flexibility.

Easier integration

As a software-based system, it’s clear why access control is important for building a holistic and interoperable solution. Integrated with other security systems, access solutions provide even greater protection. 

For example, access control can be integrated with video security cameras, intrusion detection alarms and motion sensors to provide security professionals with a 360-degree picture of activity throughout a property. This improves situational awareness and responsiveness to incidents.

More data

Data is another reason why access control is important. The system records all entry activity, together with identifying information and credential types. This can help security professionals identify potential incidents. It can also help teams compile a complete record of building occupants if evacuation is necessary. 

The data from access systems can be used to monitor usage of facilities, helping property managers to plan how to make the most efficient use of resources. Access data also provides useful input to building management and environmental control systems, enabling property managers to automate heating, lighting and ventilation levels in line with occupancy.

The importance of  access control for your business 

Understanding the importance of access control is essential for every business. It can help you protect your property, your people and sensitive data against risks posed by intruders and breaches of entry, while simplifying and improving the efficiency of security management. 

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