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Cloud is one of the fastest-growing sectors of physical security, and for good reason – it offers intelligent features, convenient monitoring and management capabilities, and rapid scalability that can help organizations monitor numerous distributed sites from anywhere. But, alongside the buzz generated around the benefits of the cloud, numerous cloud security myths about cloud technology may have you operating under the assumption that it isn’t right for you.

We’re addressing some of the top cloud security myths and discussing why you should consider cloud-based solutions when choosing video security and access control solutions for your organization. 

Cloud Security Myth 1: Moving to the cloud requires an entire system overhaul

Just the idea of replacing your security system can be daunting, especially if you’re working under the assumption that all system components will need to be replaced if you switch from on-premise to cloud-based solutions. However, transitioning to the cloud does not require an entire rip-and-replace of your security system.

Many cloud-based security products can be added to an on-premise system, which allows you to gradually migrate to the cloud over time as your current technologies become obsolete. This allows for a more gradual transition, which can be budget-friendly and less disruptive than making a significant change all at once. 

If you want to continue leveraging your existing investments, choosing an open-platform system that allows you to seamlessly migrate your technologies is essential. With an open platform, you can leverage your existing cameras and hardware and transition to cloud-native cameras in phases as your legacy products naturally reach their end-of-life. It also provides the peace of mind of knowing your system offers the flexibility to integrate with other brands and products in the future, so you likely won’t require a total overhaul if new capabilities emerge that you want to introduce into your security ecosystem.

Experience the benefits of cloud security

  • Manage and monitor your sites from anywhere

  • Detect threats with AI-powered analytics

  • Streamline security with mobile access control

Cloud Security Myth 2: Cloud security is not as secure as on-premise security

As a relatively emerging technology, the cloud has gained a lot of attention – and, with that, scrutiny. When a data breach occurs, it often results in media coverage that may make you believe the cloud is less secure than an on-premise system. In fact, cloud providers often have more resources to devote to security than individual organizations, including advanced security technologies, a team of experts dedicated to cloud security and rigorous security protocols. 

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of a cloud-based solution is that much of the security of your system itself is taken care of for you. Many cloud providers automatically encrypt your video when it’s being streamed and stored, whereas an on-premise system usually requires you to set up and manage encryption in-house. Cloud-based systems also reduce the need to manually patch your system to stay up-to-date and fix vulnerabilities. When an update is needed, it can be easily rolled out to all of your cameras or devices automatically over the air. Compared to an on-premise system where you may have to visit your sites in person and apply the update to all cameras and IP security cameras manually, this can result in significant time and labor savings and reduce the amount of time your system is exposed to risk. 

Additionally, cloud providers often have more robust disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities than traditional on-premise solutions. They can also offer transparent service-level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee a certain level of security and uptime.

Of course, organizations are still responsible for managing their security in the cloud, such as ensuring proper cloud-based access control permissions and authentication methods and regularly monitoring activity for any signs of suspicious activity. However, it is a myth that the cloud is inherently less secure than on-premise solutions.

Cloud Security Myth 3: Cloud security technology is designed for smaller organizations

Cloud providers offer security solutions that are scalable and affordable, with robust features that meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. You may associate cloud security solutions with small to medium-sized organizations because of their popularity amongst businesses of that size, but this is primarily due to how accessible these technologies are for organizations with limited security and IT budgets.

Due to a lower total cost of ownership over time, organizations of all sizes opt for the cloud. A cloud-based security system does not require as extensive an internal network, physical servers or infrastructure on the premises, which not only frees up space that can be used to generate revenue but also reduces IT-related time and labor demands. With a cloud-based system, the hosting company carries out management and maintenance, and the cost is included in your subscription fee. This is a huge benefit for organizations that have limited IT resources or no in-house IT team.

The remote monitoring and management capabilities that cloud-based systems offer also make them appealing to organizations with multiple dispersed sites. With the cloud, security, administrative and IT teams can access an organization’s sites from a central location, making it easier to monitor numerous remote locations. With features that allow you to access camera feeds, check activity logs, share video clips and remotely unlock doors, it can be quite easy and convenient to protect and manage sites from anywhere. As an added benefit, system health features can help ensure remote sites stay up and running. For example, if a camera goes offline, a real-time notification can alert you of the issue and help troubleshoot the problem remotely, saving you the cost of deploying a team to the site to diagnose and fix it.

Regardless of the size of your organization, the features available in leading cloud-based systems can make your security smarter and more efficient – and they rival those offered by on-premise solutions. AI-powered video analytics can help identify potential security threats, intuitive video search tools can shorten investigation times, and analytic-based insights can help you optimize business processes and efficiencies. By leveraging AI and analytics, cloud-based security systems have become an excellent choice for organizations of any size.

Cloud Security Myth 4: Cloud security technology is complex to manage and requires substantial training

Switching to a new type of technology is often perceived as an unnecessary challenge; it’s easier to stick to what you know. However, the advanced automation and toolsets cloud providers offer make it easy to learn how to set up and manage your new system.

From the moment you receive your products, leading cloud-based security solutions aim to be easy to use. Many offer a plug-and-play design where setup involves scanning a QR code, adding the product to your deployment, and simply plugging it in – you’re up and running in minutes. Since CCTV cloud storage and processing are distributed on the camera and in the cloud, expanding your system only entails adding more cameras. Infrastructure requirements are minimal, with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) needed for power and connectivity; no additional servers or on-premise storage solutions are needed. 

For security operators, cloud security providers offer a wide range of tools and features that make managing security in the cloud easy. Leading cloud solutions have an intuitive, web-based graphical user interface (GUI) with in-system demonstrations that walk you through the platform to shorten the learning curve, making it easier to get your team up and running on a new platform.

Of course, like most technology providers, you can also expect access to extensive documentation, training and customer support. This may include customer resource centers with online tutorials, knowledge bases and user forums where users can ask questions and get help from experts or other users. 

Key takeaways on cloud physical security myths

Don’t let the myths of cloud security deter you from exploring the benefits of cloud technology. Organizations considering migrating to the cloud should feel confident that cloud-based security technology continues to evolve and improve to offer the level of security they need and the intelligent features to help make security more efficient and effective.

Moving to the cloud doesn’t require a complete replacement of all the components of your security system immediately, and a cloud-based system can be suitable for organizations of all sizes due to its affordability, scalability and ease of management. With the wide range of tools, features and customer support options available, users can easily make the switch from an on-premise to a cloud-based security system. 

By investing in future-forward technology like cloud-based security solutions, you’re leveraging some of the best technology available today while ensuring you have the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing security landscape of tomorrow. 

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