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A message from Motorola Solutions

Over the past five years, Motorola Solutions has focused on building one of the most extensive physical security portfolios in the market today through our Video Security & Access Control (VS&A) business. We have continued to focus on enabling growth in this area organically and through the acquisition of a number of exceptional brands including Avigilon, Ava Security, Calipsa, IndigoVision, Openpath, Pelco and Videotec. Together, these brands have enabled us to address the diverse security needs of our customers, whether they be small enterprises or have the span of large government entities. 

Introducing Avigilon Alta and Avigilon Unity 

Motorola Solutions has introduced the new Avigilon Security Suite, which includes the cloud-native Avigilon Alta and on-premise Avigilon Unity video security and access control solutions. This next evolution integrates technologies from Avigilon, Openpath and Ava Security under a modernized Avigilon brand, creating one of the most extensive physical security platforms on the market to give our customers the flexibility they need to adapt to security challenges as they emerge.

Read the full Motorola Solutions press release to learn more.

Avigilon Alta

Avigilon Alta is an entirely cloud-native security suite that brings together Ava Security’s video portfolio and Openpath’s access control solutions. Requiring no infrastructure beyond cameras, controllers and access control readers, this flexible AI solution utilizes cloud infrastructure managed by Motorola Solutions to empower you to control your security from anywhere.

Avigilon Unity

Avigilon Unity is our AI-powered, on-premise security suite that has all the hallmarks of the original Avigilon portfolio, including Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon Cloud Services and Access Control Manager. It is designed for enterprises that want to manage their own systems under one centralized and scalable solution.

What this means for you

What this means for our existing customers is that it’s business as usual, with no material changes other than a new logo. Over time, our Openpath and Ava Security (Avigilon Alta) customers will start to see our products come together with a similar user experience, tighter integration and enhanced video and access control capabilities.

For Ava partners, a number of business operations will be aligned with the existing Avigilon business effective July 5, 2023. See FAQ below for updates to Ava business procedure changes. Visit the Avigilon knowledge article for full details.

For our Avigilon ACC, ACS and ACM (Avigilon Unity) customers, you will now see ACC and ACS merged under one product called Unity — soon to include ACM as well. Please note that at this time there is no planned interoperability between the Avigilon Unity and Avigilon Alta solutions. 

In this FAQ we will be referring to what were formerly known as Openpath and Ava throughout when speaking to the Avigilon Alta updates.

New logos and design

We are updating our logos and design assets across Avigilon, Ava and Openpath to reflect the new Avigilon Unity and Avigilon Alta brands. These updates will include the websites, marketing materials, software and mobile apps.

Will my Openpath and Ava products still work? 

Rest assured, there will be no interruptions to your active security products or services.

Where can I find the latest updates? 

We will continue to update this page with the newest information, and notify you via email of any significant changes.


Will the Openpath and Ava hardware products be changing? 

Physical hardware will remain unchanged for the time being. However, all hardware (readers, controllers, cameras, etc.) will begin to reflect Avigilon branding in the coming months on a rolling basis. 

Openpath and Ava product names will be rebranded to Avigilon, and listed on the Avigilon website in May 2023.

Will the software platforms be changing? 

We are launching new names and logos for the software platforms across Avigilon, Ava and Openpath, now Avigilon Unity and Avigilon Alta, respectively. The functionality is not changing and you will continue to use your current login for the time being: 

WIll I be able to use Avigilon Unity and Avigilon Alta solutions together? 

At this time there is no planned interoperability between the Avigilon Unity and Avigilon Alta solutions.


Will I still be able to access the Openpath and Ava websites? 

We have launched a new website for Avigilon that includes the Unity and Alta security portfolios, and consolidates the following Openpath and Ava websites into Avig​ilon​.com. 

With this update, all Avigilon Unity (formerly ACC and ACM) and Avigilon Alta (formerly Ava and Openpath) video and access control products, support, resources and announcements will be moved to Avig​ilon​.com. 

This change will not impact the URLs you use to log into the Control Center, Aware dashboard or support communities.

Mobile apps

Will the mobile app be changing? 

You will still be able to use the same mobile apps for all your video and access control products. In the coming months, we will begin rolling out new logos in the App Store and Google Play Store and updated branding within our Ava and Avigilon mobile apps:

  • Alta Aware mobile app , formerly Ava Aware mobile app
  • Avigilon Unity Video mobile app, formerly ACC Mobile
  • Avigilon Unity Access mobile app, formerly ACM Expedite

The Openpath mobile app and Openpath Admin App are not changing at this time. 

Partner Program

Are there changes being made to the existing Partner Program and where can I find information?

Coming soon in Q3, 2023, we will launch the Motorola Solutions Partner Advantage Program to support all of our video security and access control partners from Avigilon, Avigilon Alta (formerly Ava and Openpath), IndigoVision, Pelco and Videotec. To enable your participation in this new program, you will need to sign a new partner agreement. For more questions on the new partner agreement, please contact channeloperations@​motorolasolutions.​com. More details to follow in the coming weeks on the new Partner Advantage Program.

What is the process to add and sell additional Motorola Solutions video and access control product lines — such as Pelco, IndigoVision and other solutions in the Avigilon portfolio?

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in our partner program and have the most current form of the Motorola Solutions Video Security & Access Control (VS&A) partner agreement in place. Please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager for training and certification requirements for each product line.

Are there any current promotions/​incentives that my company is eligible for?

Periodically, we offer exciting incentives and promotions to help grow your business. If you are signed up to receive our marketing emails, you will be notified of upcoming promotions through emails. You can also reach out to your Regional Sales Managers for an update.

How do I find my Sales Representative?

Your current sales representative will not be changing. 

  • For Avigilon partners: Please continue to work and communicate with your existing Avigilon Regional Sales Manager. If you’re not sure who to reach out to, complete this Avigilon contact form and our team will get in touch with you. 
  • For Ava partners: Please continue to work and communicate with your existing Ava Regional Sales Manager. If you’re not sure who to reach out to, complete this Ava contact form and our team will get in touch with you. 
  • For Openpath partners: Please continue to work and communicate with your existing Openpath Regional Sales Manager. If you’re not sure who to reach out to, complete this Openpath contact form and our team will get in touch with you. 

Partner support: orders, pricing and shipping terms

Where can I access the latest price lists?

For Avigilon & Ava: VS&A Partner Portal

For Openpath: Openpath Partner Portal (until further notice)

What happens to my open orders? 

There will be no interruptions to your current open orders for Avigilon and Openpath.

For Ava partners, your sales representative will work with you to obtain your PO number for all open quotes prior to July 52023.

How do I order Avigilon, Ava and Openpath products? 

The process for ordering products and licensing will not be changing for the time being for Avigilon and Openpath. Until further notice, you will still place orders using the following platforms:

  • Avigilon orders: Purchase through the Avigilon Online Store or email orders@​avigilon.​com 
  • Ava orders: Contact your sales representative to place all your new orders starting July 5, 2023. You will receive an email from DocuSign directly to review your quote and acknowledge it with an electronic signature (look for subject line: An Avigilon Quote Requires Your Signature), and your order is immediately processed. You can also enter your PO number in the optional field within DocuSign to streamline the ordering process.
  • Openpath orders 

Where can I check the status of my order? 

You can check the status of your orders here: 

How will I be billed for my services? 

You may start seeing Avigilon branding on invoices, but the current payment methods and billing procedures will remain the same as we work on a solution to consolidate all ordering platforms to make doing business with us easy. If you have questions about payments or billing, please contact us: 

Where are orders fulfilled? 

Until further notice, all fulfillment processes are not changing for Avigilon and Openpath. Ava order fulfillment is updated below and will be in effect starting July 52023:

  • Avigilon: Orders from the US are fulfilled from Richardson, TX. Orders from Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East (with the exception of Saudi Arabia) will be fulfilled from Richmond, Canada. Orders from Europe, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia will be fulfilled from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Delivery times for all locations remain unchanged.
  • Ava: Orders from North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East (with the exception of Saudi Arabia) will be fulfilled from Richardson, Texas, USA. Orders from Europe, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia will be fulfilled from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Delivery times for all locations remain unchanged.
  • Openpath: All orders regardless of distribution location ship from Huntington Beach, California in the US.

What carrier will be used to deliver my order? 

  • Avigilon & Ava: If you are ordering within Europe, due to VAT changes, customer carriers will be pre-selected by Motorola Solutions and charged to the customer. We are no longer accepting collections from customer-selected carriers. For all customers outside of Europe, carriers will also be pre-selected by Motorola Solutions, however, these customers are able to request different freight service levels at an additional cost. 
  • Openpath: North America utilizes UPS. APAC, Latin America and EMEA regions ship via Fedex. We do not allow carrier pick up.

Are there any changes to the Incoterms? 

  • Avigilon: Our Incoterms will remain FCA Named Destination.
  • Ava: Effective July 5, 2023, our new Incoterms will be FCA Named Destination.
  • Openpath: Our Incoterms are DAP in North America, and FCA in all other countries.

Warranty, Repairs and Returns

Who do I contact for technical support for my products?

You can now access all Avigilon Unity and Avigilon Alta Support Communities here: https://​www​.avig​ilon​.com/​s​u​pport

Please note, accounts for existing Ava Support Portal users have been migrated to the new Avigilon Alta Video community portal. In order to activate your account, existing users should visit the Reset Password Page and follow the steps.

New cases will no longer be accepted through the old Ava Support Portal. While old cases can still be viewed, users will now need to submit a new case through the Create a Case page in the Avigilon Support Community. You can view and follow up on open requests through the My Cases section.

If you have not yet registered to the Avigilon Support Communities, visit the Login Page and click Get Started’ to join in discussions and more. 

Please contact our Community Support team with any questions at support.​vsa@​motorolasolutions.​com.

You can still get cloud access control technical support and access help articles on the Avigilon Alta Access Control support page (formerly Openpath). There are plans to merge the Openpath support community late 2023.

What is the product warranty policy?

Current warranty policies remain in effect for their respective brands until further notice. Visit the Avigilon warranty policy for more information.

What is the return policy? 

Please visit Avigilon’s warranty information for the latest return policy on Alta and Unity.

Online training and certification

How do I access online training courses?

  • For Avigilon & Ava partners: Continue to access the Motorola Solutions Video Security & Access Control Training platform via your VS&A Partner Portal.
  • For Openpath partners: You can now access the Motorola Solutions Video Security & Access Control Training platform via your Openpath Partner Portal. Create an account by selecting Training & Certification’ on your dashboard once you are logged into the portal. All training completed as of April 10, 2023 will be carried over into the new platform. For training registration questions, contact support.​vsa@​motorolasolutions.​com. For questions about the training center, please reach out to trainingvideoandaccess@​motorolasolutions.​com.


Are there new Avigilon Alta marketing assets and how do I obtain it? 

Access the partner portal for the latest Avigilon Security Portfolio one-pager, Alta logo and new Avigilon Style Guide. We will add new rebranded marketing assets to the partner portal as they become available.

Do I continue to use the existing Partner Portal to download marketing materials and assets? 

Avigilon and Ava partners can access marketing resources and materials in the VS&A Partner Portal.

For Openpath partners, you will continue to access marketing materials in the Openpath Partner Portal until further notice. We are working on bringing Openpath into the combined VS&A Partner Portal to make it easier for you to access all your resources under one platform. More details to follow.

Will I continue to receive email newsletters and announcements from Avigilon, Openpath and Ava?

As part of our brand consolidation, you will begin receiving email communications from an Avig​ilon​.com sender address, and may include Avigilon Alta or Avigilon Unity send names. Some email announcements may still come from Openpath or Ava senders for the time being.

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