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Build your single door access control system

The Avigilon Single Door Controller is ideal for a standalone access control system or as an addition to an existing setup where complicated wiring would be cost-prohibitive.

Single Door Controller

PoE/​PoE+ controller that supports up to two Smart Readers with configurable wet/​dry relays and wireless connectivity option.

Standard Smart Keypad Reader

Smart Reader functionality with PIN-based access for credentialed users and visitors, plus multi-factor authentication support.

Video Reader Pro

Multi-technology reader with a built-in HD camera for secure entry with visual verification. Also works in offline environments.

Video Intercom Reader Pro

Multi-technology reader with built-in HD camera and AI intercom capabilities to add enterprise-grade call routing to any entry.

A smarter single door access control system

Enhance security with a self-contained standalone access control system designed to secure one or two doors. Simplify management, reduce costs and boost productivity with our flexible, cloud-based system.

Included in the single door access control system kit

The compact, cloud-based Single Door Controller makes adding a door to your network simple and affordable. Our single-door entry system supports up to two Avigilon or Wiegand readers, inputs for Request to Exit (REX) Sensors and Contact Sensors, plus USB ports and comes with mounting hardware.

  • Fast, low-cost installation

    Sleek, compact single access controller design mounts anywhere you need it with no need to wire back to an ACU.

  • Flexible configuration options

    Choose wired or Wi-Fi connectivity, with ports for wet (12V or 24V) or dry relays and USB ports for expanding the system.

  • Cloud-based protection

    Reduce downtime with instant software updates, remote troubleshooting and diagnostics tools, plus end-to-end encryption.

Best use cases for single door access control systems

Small businesses with just one or two doors can enhance security with a single door access control system. However, a standalone access control system is also ideal for protecting high-risk areas within an enterprise, such as server rooms.

Avigilon’s one-door access control system enables real-time reporting, alert notifications, remote monitoring and lockdown capabilities from any device, from any location and at any time with revolutionary cloud-based management.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.