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12/24V Large 16-Door Smart Hub

The 16-Door Large Smart Hub combines the Access Control Core, two 8‑port boards and a power supply in a spacious enclosure for easy wiring and installation. Supporting up to 16 readers and 16 doors, it’s ideal for larger deployments. All entry decisions are securely made by the Access Control Core, and it’s easily configured using the Admin App.

  • Up to 16 Readers
  • 4 AUX Relays
  • Plug-and-play
  • Premium Flex power supply

Access control for the modern building

Avigilon Alta is a complete access control solution with sleek hardware, cloud management and easy-to-use mobile credentials. Designed to scale with ease, the system provides futureproof protection for any facility.

Secure and encrypted

100% cloud-managed

CloudSync offline technology

Convenient mobile access

Get up and running faster

The 16-Door Large Smart Hub has a spacious and easy-to-install design that connects readers, REX and contact sensors for up to 16 doors, and provides power for the necessary components.

  • Hassle-free installation

    The Large Smart Hub combines an ACU, expansion board and flex power supply with an aluminum backplate, simplifying installation. Pre-assigned input ports and industry standard wiring steamline setup.

  • Secure, trusted and fail-safe

    Credentials are decrypted by the ACU, reducing the risk of data being intercepted at the reader. All cloud configurations are stored locally to continue operation in the event of an outage.

  • Smart monitoring

    Built-in network and device monitoring with diagnostic insight and troubleshooting tools help resolve issues before they become disruptions.

Technical Documentation & Software
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