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Network Video Recorder (Series 4)

Network Video Recorder (Series 4)

Downloads & Documentation

Software Downloads

Recovery USB Builder for NVR4X-PRM, NVR4X-STD, NVR4-VAL, and NVR4-WKS (v file_downloadZIP File
Storage Expansion Kit for NVR4X-STD and NVR4-STD (v NVR,NVR4-STD, ZIP 1616539290 file_downloadZIP File

Product Flyers

Appearance Search Flyer
Network Video Recorders Flyer

Product Datasheets

NVR Series 4 Datasheet (Premium, Standard, and Value)
NVR4X Workstations Datasheet
Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics Datasheet

Product User Guides

Analytics Sizing Guide For Avigilon Hardware
Designing a Site with Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics
NVR Premium (Series 4X) User Guide
NVR Premium (Series 4) User Guide
NVR Standard (Series 4X) User Guide
NVR Standard (Series 4) User Guide
NVR Value (Series 4) User Guide
NVR Workstation (Series 4) User Guide
Deploying Avigilon Solutions: A Guide to Networking Best Practices

Accessory Datasheets

Spare Hard Drive & Storage Expansion Pack for NVR (Series 4) Compatibility Guide

Accessory Installation Guides

Secondary CPU Kit for NVR (Series 4) Installation Guide
Spare Hard Drive Replacement for NVR (Series 4) Installation Guide
Storage Expansion Pack for NVR (Series 4) Installation Guide
Enabling iDRAC Enterprise Features for NVRs and AI Appliances

General Catalogs

Motorola Solutions Video Security and Analytics Commercial Product Catalog
Motorola Solutions Video Security and Analytics Public Safety Product Catalog
The Avigilon Advantage
Top 5 Benefits of Avigilon NVRs